3.20 End-of-League Events

anyone could tell me how to select the ruthless with gold league? I am not sure how it´s done.
i mean i dont even want to try to play ONE .... gold really... i can diablo 3 to play gold simulator or diablo 2..... and no im not gonna try to make friends to play some friendly fire event or to try to deal dmg to a monsters... those event are so bad and really question anything content your gonna do in the future... sanctum was a not bad league vs the last league probably amazing...those event vs last event tras... go back to school because being a deve is not for you
Vydra wrote:
anyone could tell me how to select the ruthless with gold league? I am not sure how it´s done.

At some point closer to the start time, an Event entry with a "Join" option will appear in the space below the character selection screen. There will usually be an entry for each available base league type, but in this case it sounds like it will be one event league for "Standard R" or trade-enabled, non-HC Ruthless mode. You will need to have a free Character Slot to join an event.

The Ruthless with Gold event starts at 1pm PST March 8th, but you will presumably be able to register a bit beforehand to create your character. You won't be able to move until the event officially starts.

This event entry will also serve as an indicator of when the event will end, by telling you (very) roughly how much time remains in the event.

Often, there will be multiple Event entries appearing at once, in preparation for other events and different base leagues.

This time around, however, the other Group SSF events will be started by creating a free Private League and inviting your friends to it.
Kind of a bummer that most of the Group SF events need groups of 3 or more. I only have 1 person to play with and we were looking for group SF content for a long time. Guess we'll try the krangled one?
Jerdslaw wrote:
There's a reason that humans changed from bartering to a currency system thousands of years ago. It reduces complexity - something that PoE sorely needs.

If GGG switched to a gold system it would only drop gold 5% of the time. The other 95% would be made up of a random number of spiders, a useless rare, or it deleting one of your items, because GGG thinks all the worlds problem can be solved by RNGesus.
Very nice!!
"All that fancy sword swinging when all you need is one good stab."
looks interesting

i think such leagues are good for streamers.

i ll give it a hard pass as sanctum is just so damn fun.
[Removed by Support]
there is not a single hardcore event? wtf
I just love to support a game in which I keep wasting my faith (and good money) that rewards me with 4 weeks of events I can't play because I don't have friends who like PoE.

I think a big group based event is always a good idea and can be a lot of fun for a lot of people. Thumbs up for that.
But really they could have gave the rest of us even some lousy recycled event from the past to play solo. But no, if you don't have friends it's just too bad for you ha-ha.
i loved it, i wish we could select one of the tree choices not random hahahha
but still very nice event! thank you path of exile

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