3.20 End-of-League Events

imagine trying to find a group with all your friend list offline, this game is dead long time ago
looks very challanging.. love it. GGG
finally, new ideas for events. good stuff. maybe i can join one or two of them.
Catering for solo player's,. F ruthless mode,. F SSf...
Krangled passive league sounds cool.

But the mystery box prize only applies to Ruthles w/ gold, so I guess I'll pass and wait for the next official league.
Hhahah those really sound like fun!
I am eager to try the gold version of the game, I wish i had friends for the FF one.
im a bit worry about the future if that the kind of event you come with... i mean what next gonna but some enemies that need 2player to be kill in core league... puttign gold in core??? those event are a bad NEWS... and there no way gonna be fun to play so what the plant here...
@lotting2782, why do you still lurk in forum, (from your forum message historic) you havent enjoyed yourself playing that game since at least 2020, and just complain dead game again and again.., do us a favor and go play another game
Ruthless with gold event I am ready!

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