3.20 End-of-League Events

Ok, i will probably try this, but i'm a little bit aware of rules in ruthless haha
Thanks anyway for events! :)
What is this BS?

I literally have no friends in game, because no one I know likes Poe except me. How should I play these events?

Honestly, I dont like ruthless too, but that is no problemo since I can play sc or hc or ssf in any iteration.

BUT THIS? THIS ANNOYS ME TO NO END. Please add some solo events for SC or HC!!! What is this BS....
I think, GGG is indirectly encouraging players to play Ruthless; 3.20 was extremely inflated and easy to progress without losing your character. This situation was forcing me to try Ruthless.

Now this, was expecting fun solo hardcore end-league events aand I stuck with Ruthless again. Whenever GGG is saying about things are side project or not mandatory, opposite happens. I rather play 3.19 arc-nemesis balance with Sanctum, not Ruthless. Ruthless is not fun.

I am expecting more easing on core game balance and pushing early 2010s version of PoE.
Monstarella wrote:
Absolutley no one asked for a 2nd extention on Sanctum.

Please be transparent about why you are to your community.

Also three of your "Events" are centered around "group play".
This is concerning, both in context of now and what it could be insinuating for PoE2.
Turning it into a "Standard" MMO party-play needed game.
No one, absolutley no one wants this to be core in Path of Exile.

Polarity futher exacerbates concerns I have regarding PoE2, as it is seems like a subtle signal with how battle/gearing wil be changing in terms of coombat.

For someone who has been part of the community for a very long time [there are many like us], all these inserts have raised even more flags.


So True
I like the random passive tree idea but I’d prefer it wasn’t squeezed into a week, I probably won’t end up with much time to play it. I hope it’s playable solo; reads that way at least.

If you’ve got four weeks just run the events for four weeks.
I love Ruthless and the core game mechanics, so i rly dont get why you add gold to the game. It is the one thing, that makes poe unique and better than the rest of the hack and slay genre.
And please dont add 6l to gems in poe2.
All it will do, is that items value will drop extremely hard
and when you got yout 6L gems you dont need to craft anymore, because
you simply switch your gems and trade 1:1 for other gems.
Did you heare the frase once, never change a running system?

That is why ruthless is so extremely good, even when some softcore players
cry about it!

Ruthless is just how poe was back in the day when it was epic and i hope that more
players will find there ways in to ruthless.
The problem with softcore is that you lose the fun and only farm for stuff you allrdy have quad tripple in your stash and the only guys who make money with it are the ones who buy currency from websides to hardcore craft tear 1 items and than offer mirror services and stuff to earn real money.
they are nothing more than the poe cheaters who ruin the core mechanics of the trading system and that is why they cry so hard about ruthless, because it would be way more time consuming and expensive to create money with it.
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Sadly like in all other games, they are nothing more than the poe cheaters,
and they should be puished with a system that makes it nearly impossible for them to ruin the core game mechanic currency system.

[Removed by Support]
ING Infuriateground
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boring. nothing to perfect. its just dull
fk archnemesis.
I think you forgot to include the Prize Pool section for the group SSF events in the opening post.
yea,cool... every event is party event,like imagine giving a shit about them while bein' a solo player exclusively :\
POE with gold?
Well just increase stack size of chaos orbs to something really high.
5000 or 50000.
Then you just carry a stack of C with you at all times, it's basically your gold to buy gear, map juice, crafting currencies, bench crafts etc.

And it's not obnoxious to exchange this to higher denominations of currency such as divines. Trading a full inventory of C for just 2 divines? Jesus fuck that. I seriously hope 3.21 addresses this cos this is BULLSHIT with a big B.

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