3.20 End-of-League Events

Only SSF and ruthless events... Dogtamer
Well tbh i dont mind too much. The kringled thing does indeed sound interesting but would need some kind of xp/powerboost (basically the opposite of ruthless) so its playable for the majority of people in a time window of a month. So these events are nothing for me, but i didnt expect anything else.

in general i would much more appreciate to have some informations about the upcoming patch and what developers are actually focussing on. i know its hard to pretend the progress of developing but the roadmap should be settled already. sharing some balancing manifestos would also open up the possibility to take the reaction and feedback of the community into consideration even if the actual league mechanic isnt released.
and people could start theorycrafting and testing things :)
in the end 1month of delay is just too long. even if sanctum was very fun (actually not the mechanic itself but the overall experience) its kind of done now and it feels like there is nothing to do.

so for me the worst news are that the new league starts earliest at 7. april.
Feedback that will not be heard: as a hardcore player only - huge dissapointment not making an option to make the gold league hc as well as option.
Probably the worst events by far. You really outdo yourselves every time
Gumlass wrote:

"What if Path of Exile had an Auction house?"

Yeah keep waiting lmao
Are you guys going to fix multi-threading bug or continue to pretend it doesn't exist?

Seriously GGG...
Nice concept, but why only group-play?
What is there for solo-player?
Most of the players already skipped and won't come back until the new league and you force me to find people in the already smaller player pool?
Guess, see ya on April...
Ruthless Trade league has been a fun league for me. A different way to interact with the game, although quite time consuming.

Ruthless with Gold;
I'd hope there are more items to buy but I'm guessing its the same set of gems from Siosa. It will be interesting, but I doubt it will be a better version. When I started playing PoE the currency was what really drew me in, after getting tired of much the same problems described in the dev diary.

Race events are fun to watch but not something I'm interested in participating.

Even if it is too early to ask, I'd be most interested in hearing about some of the Devs' thoughts on the outcome of Ruthless as an experiment. They've promised that the game will not tend towards that style of play, which SOME people seem to fear.

Some positives I've found throughout playing:
- fewer monsters on screen (a side effect of not dashing past them)
- meaningful upgrades from rare item drops
- more skill gem exploration in low levels (on a 2-link at best)
- league content isolation (Harbingers don't drop generic currency)
- no challenges that determine when people are 'done with the league'
- built to be played forever.

There were negatives too, but we'll just ignore those for the moment.
Ruthless with gold sounds fun but as a solo player with 1 friend, I'll pass on the rest.
IGN: FlyByFlicker
Cool Story Bro..... but pass...
Maybe get ChatGPT to come up with another round of ideas.

Guess im playing Sanctum. 😞

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