3.20 End-of-League Events

You WILL play Ruthless, you WILL like Ruthless!

Get me off this nightmare ride and give us some league events that are actually fun. Stop forcing niche modes and mechanics on the player base. Take us back the days where league events were worth looking forward to. Who wanted this? Which player base actually lobbied for these events? Who are these events even aimed at? Not the casual PoE player that's for sure.
Glaek wrote:
As someone without friends, I find these events offensive.

This is absolutely stupid. I was waiting for days to see this post so can play something fresh but seems like no... what a joke, really cant get any more disappointed than this
I'll be absolutely honest: this is absolutely horrid.
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And then i thought you guys learned what is a fun league ...
nothing fun about ruthless, nor SSF. You guys have the metrics to understand that only a very few percent of the population plays either of these mods. and then you go ahead and make events for only them.

Sad.. you really had something cool going on.
I was excited to play some cool events... welp, time to finish challanges and wait for april.
This is almost as bad as archnemesis
Interesting ideas here, even if they're not for everyone.

Not sure why everyone feels entitled to complain the events dont tailor to exactly how they want them to be.

I'd also like to point out that the krangled "group" SSF sounds like it can be played solo, it only states "maximum 6 accounts".

I like the creativity here instead of just running the same or slightly changed version of events, I'll definitely give it a go, even if I dont't see myself getting far :D
come on GGG, nobody likes these events. you can still change it. give us at least one event that is not ruthless or group
not something i would enjoy playing, but surely i'll be watching the streamers doing it.

i really like how ggg never does 2000% exp/drop events that would make some players enjoy all content without doing it legit on leagues or std, creates some nice long-term goals and a stable playerbase that keeps returning league after league.
I miss harvest, 36/40 never forget.
Mirror drop - Strand clear speed meta legacy league month "5"
Mirror drop - Canyon casual farming harby ultimatum league month "1"
now i'm a main standard league player.
league content on standard when? GGG! show us some love.
How do you manage to come up with worse events than the last events that were the worst ones I have seen in 10 years of playing this game? Actually depressing. I was already expecting some shittier version of old events like last league but at least I could test some league starters there.

Worst case in old events was to do some quick leveling for the free box. But in this case even that is not worth doing lmao.

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