3.20 End-of-League Events

Thanks for not giving any prizes for those ridiculous group SSF things, so we can all happily ignore them.

Keep trying new things, but know that forcing group play will exclude 99% of the introverted loners who play ARPGs.
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Great promotions! Thank You.
I was thinking it couldn't get worse after endless delirium but then you showed me events where I can't even play hardcore, what kind of decision is that??
Nooooooo! My leave can't line up with Easter weekend launch... Sadge

I thought Chris said in one of the QA with Ziggy about not wanting to launch on holiday weekend as there is no one in the office. If someone else remembers this, please let me know. I don't remember which league QA it was.

Also...friendly fire event is just bad... I have friend to play with, but needing 2 other people to be online AND doing what ever content I want to do seem very bad.
what is this? i'm sorry but this is just awful. why is it all group and SSF?

Just no fun events and no charisma! While other companies promote cool stuff GGG seems to hate its players and wants to see them suffer. Myself being stupid and devoid of ability I can think of at least 5 events better than these lame things.

Here I can give you ideas for much cooler events

1 Start with HH or mageblood effect to boost the game

2 Test legacy items from game history (Kaom 1000 etc...)

3 Farm points and convert into skin exchange points even if the grind is high (only during event)

4 Merge sockets.. all item sockets are linked together, providing crazy builds

5 Inifinite The Coward's Trial map go down several floors and try to survive
Ruthless with Gold sounds exactly like what doctor ordered!
A.k.a. Sinisa / sinisasub85.
>i dont want to play ruthless
>i dont want to play with friends
yeah this is a big 'f*** you' from GGG. Give atleast something i can do solo that is not ruthless... even endles heist at this point XDDD

As someone without friends, I find these events offensive.

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