3.20 End-of-League Events

the last millenium called, they want their gold and autopickup back.

really? you advertised ruthless to be a mode with new and innovative and crazy stuff which most players won't like.

and .. well, i don't like it.
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But no one plays Ruthless...
Yes, that's why we're going to force them to play.
Great, genius idea

You know.. I'm just so confused right now. 3.20 was the first forward step in so long. i thought everything was going to be great after this.


Is there anyways at all. we can just get a month long mayham for all the people that just want to play poe? I mean you don't have to make anything new for us. just something that isn't designed to make me hate my life more?
You do realize that Almost everyone plays this game alone. maybe with others on discord and maybe whispering people when stuff happens. but we map alone. we almost all map alone. we like mapping alone. we enjoy mapping alone. we despice mapping with other people. POE is not a MMO. All of these events sound very unfun.

Please just give us something to do.
It's quite concerning how out of touch GGG are becoming recently. This is probably, one of, if not the biggest indicator of a company so deluded with their fanbase and player base.

Am I getting this right, they have delayed the next league by an entire month, and and teased about unconventional fun events for us to play... only to troll us by saying it's either a FORCED ruthless mode which the majority do not want, and have zero interest in, OR to be forced into a group to participate... knowing full well the vast majority of players, again, are not into racing or group play.

What a sorry state of affairs. GGG, read the room, read these messages, and do something about them for once. These events are terrible, you've literally eliminated 80%+ of your playerbase - WHY????

Give your everyday players something fun to play please. I am baffled at what their thinking is here.
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Kouatsu wrote:
Interesting ideas here, even if they're not for everyone.

Not sure why everyone feels entitled to complain the events dont tailor to exactly how they want them to be.

I'd also like to point out that the krangled "group" SSF sounds like it can be played solo, it only states "maximum 6 accounts".

I like the creativity here instead of just running the same or slightly changed version of events, I'll definitely give it a go, even if I dont't see myself getting far :D

You can pretty much play all of them alone minus the Polarity one maybe.
Also the friendly fire one seems kinda useless as as a solo player but I guess the other events come up for that easily. The limit is just to ensure that people can't abuse the party play too much in different ways.

ikr? It's something different for once and not just the same type of event we had several times since the release of PoE. But people need their instant gratification and boosted rates in order to "have fun" these days...
I do like their Ruthless approach cause it opens up more viable options rather than having the same skills over and over again. People complain about "meta" in events and races, yet they get upset about a neat way to make a event different in terms of skills and all.
Flames and madness. I'm so glad I didn't miss the fun. hoho
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rodrigoar wrote:
But no one plays Ruthless...
Yes, that's why we're going to force them to play.
Great, genius idea


nobody is forcing you to anything
if you dont like it, just dont play

>but muh mtx

nobody is forcing you to anything

With all respect, but this is boring
I normally play softcore trade, but I was wanting to try out ruthless at some point anyway. In my opinion these are some of the most unique event ideas we've seen in a while.
Ruthless with gold sounds interesting, been meaning to try ruthless but haven't gotten around to it.

Super interested in krangled passive tree but the SSF part ruins it. Pls open to trade. Feels like you can't do much in a short period with SSF + fog of war type passive tree. If this was up for all 4 weeks + trade enabled I'd def play!
well hoho ill be damned if this isn't the shittiest list of events I don't know what is. Have fun group players..And fuck you solo players.
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