3.20 End-of-League Events


GGG is the best <3
auto loot technology exist in ruthless wow..no more weight.
Lyutsifer665 wrote:
come on GGG, nobody likes these events. you can still change it. give us at least one event that is not ruthless or group

+ 1
These events are clearly catered for the streamers and their audience, with zero regard for anyone else.

This is clearly an engagement exercise, to exacerbate an already echo chamber of niche twitch audiences, causing a feedback loop for GGG that takes their game away from where the "average player" wants it.

Dissapointed in these events.
Well, nice to know I can completely ignore POE until April - none of these events sound remotely like fun.
why only group event
Wow absolutely none of these events interest me in the least. Complete miss for me..
poggazoo wrote:
rodrigoar wrote:
But no one plays Ruthless...
Yes, that's why we're going to force them to play.
Great, genius idea


nobody is forcing you to anything
if you dont like it, just dont play

>but muh mtx

nobody is forcing you to anything

Sir When ur friend punches himself in the dick. Do you not try and discourge his behavior? Do you just sit back and watch as he continouslly punchs himself in the dick? And you notice his other friends have just left and not come back because they are tired of watching this guy punch himself in the dick.

You would just sit and watch him forever. without saying anything at all.
I think a good friend would be one that tries as many times as it takes to get johnny to stop punching himself in the dick.
but maybe me and you are different.
Wow, this is a lot of work.
My mirror thread https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2756556
I play PC, I wish there were also SSF Versions of Week 3 for PC (not just Group SSF)

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