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Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

Looking forward to this league!
The curse changes are a nerf to self-curse temp chains. Can you boost self curse uniques with a mod that says "Increased effect of curses applied to you"? That will make self-curse the same strength without boosting enemies.
nGio wrote:
BkBlindside wrote:
The culler situation has been addressed and the loot pool has been altered.

No it hasn't been altered. They changed the way that quantity and rarity works in 3.19, after completely gutting loot across the board. Where a solo player would get 12 Chaos, a full party MF culler would drop 60 Divine. That isn't changing in 3.20. The change is that the 60 Divine loot goblin won't have "-Touched" in its name, so that the 6 hour a day "casuals" can no longer call a culler in to get big loot drops reserved for streamers.

yep now 60 divine drops are resetved for full groups like empyrians doing every league

solo andy can get fked :)
AeriusMaximus wrote:
the base game is more important IMO and it feels way too nerfed for my taste.

When you nerf things over and over, it stop becoming exciting to try to come up with builds cause you already played them in a better state in the past.

That was the most accurate definition for the current state of the game, especially the second one. We had it better!
Problem: Players are having fun in Path of Exile.
Solution: Remove fun.
Where's Mantra of Flames in all of this?
With that constant nerfs, u should at least introduce smthng new, to keep game interesting. Not to mention dead skills and dead melee.

Also about loot not nerfed as Chris said. Last league and this one i played same atlas strat (small passives) no mf at all. Yeah currency from the floor i got even more than last league, true, but last league i got 6 apothecary, and this i got 1. Difference is too big to call it bad/good luck, and too big to be compensated by divines from the floor. So yeah maybe in general loot change was not that big, but some aspects changed a lot, and it wasn't a good change. Also problem with loot is that it feels different, i fell like i run 10 maps without loot at all, and then 5 maps with a lot of loot. Somewhat stable were altars, but you decided to nerf them so i guess this source of income has to go too.
I am concerned that there is no change to Determination, Grace and Spell suppression. They all deserve a serious nerf.
In my opinion these 2 auras should only give "more" modifiers and no flat because they should be used by characters that invest in the stat with gear and passive tree, not by everyone.
Spell Suppression should only work for physical damage (monster damage change needed because of this change), which is the bane of all evasion characters. In current POE Spell Suppression has no real alternative and I fear that monster damage of high levels are balanced around characters having it.
With these changes there would be lot more build diversity on hardcore scene.

Oh and I hope that Vaal Cleave would be usable with Multistrike, if it is not than it is a design flaw. Cleave is one of the few Multistrike builds out there.
I like most changes but honestly the Withering Step change is in my opinion really bad solution. If I understand it correctly I won't be able to use skill because there is a buff on my character?

I'm mostly using Withering Step to apply Withered debuff on my poison assassin that is also using Mistwalker. Notable passive skill that suppose to enhance Elusive will now work as a penatly preventing me from using Withering Step? Really? Same goes for Nightblade.

How about Withering Step simply don't apply new instance of Elusive when there is ongoing instance?

Also I don't think that the current Withering Step behavior is so problematic unless you abuse it with the Badge of the Brotherhood. So perhaps you could address the cause of the problem instead. Maybe Withering Step simply shouldn't posses Movement Skill tag?

From my perspective anything is better than the solution you decided to come up with. Preventing activation of a cooldown skill based on character buff state is a bad design that should be avoided at all cost!
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Path of Nerfs : The Forbidden Buff

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