Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

Thanks for putting this together. The league mechanic looks really fun!

Blasphemy already had a cost for applying curses: 35% base Mana Reservation, and at least 2 gem slots (the most premium resources available). Even at bare minimum it was a niche and poor investment versus more damage or defense.

Investing in curses at all was already an extremely costly venture. At least we can all sleep soundly knowing that the infamous villain Curse Support Character can't hurt us anymore.

It does not matter if Unique enemies have the 33%/66% penalty removed if the curses are 66% worse.
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More skill balance changes please, there's still time.

And nerf Seismic Trap.
ivchekal wrote:
MagosX wrote:
So, curses will get heavy nerf vs rares (including archnem)...

archnem has been removed from the game. I think that rares previously had curse reduction penalty, but not 100% sure.

Call them whatever you want, but they're still archnem in my eyes.

Rares have always had 0% curse reduction (apart from the hexproof mod).
But it's a D20 roll against AC-10. Dosen't matter that they're a Grand Mastered Level 19 Fighter. It's gonna be a crapshoot.

They apparently take the shot because they feel they don't really have other options. Also, it's realistically a 50/50 chance - as in, 'may or may not work'. Noone ever knows what the die will show before it's finished rolling (and that seems to be especially true for d20's, lol).
No buffs to any old unplayable skills :( Rest looks good though. Not having conq efficiency is gonna hurt alot of people for sure. The league mechanic sounds and looks awesome though so regardless of what might be negative in the patch notes for some people I think this is gonna be a great league.
The culler situation has been addressed and the loot pool has been altered. If you were simply looking a big bump in quantity or rarity they didn't word it that way. We shouldn't be jumping to conclusions about drops being an issue this early. Let's just play and see how it feels. I struggled during Kalandra so much, so I know the pain lol I had to jump ship really early because of it..

"In the new system, we have added a significant pool of new rewards to rares, but the reward that is on the monster is hidden (and not associated with a specific mod), so you don't know what kind of rewards you will get until you kill the monster. Rare monsters with more mods are more likely to have these special hidden reward mods. This new reward system smooths out the spikiness that the Archnemesis reward system had"
Well im fkn excited havent been excited for a long time... Its not perfect but its a start we have new skills new vaal skills... Melee has BEEN BUFFED woohoo. Free Splash is great ... Just want to say THANK YOU for all your hard work... have a safe Merry Christmas to all.

BkBlindside wrote:
The culler situation has been addressed and the loot pool has been altered.

No it hasn't been altered. They changed the way that quantity and rarity works in 3.19, after completely gutting loot across the board. Where a solo player would get 12 Chaos, a full party MF culler would drop 60 Divine. That isn't changing in 3.20. The change is that the 60 Divine loot goblin won't have "-Touched" in its name, so that the 6 hour a day "casuals" can no longer call a culler in to get big loot drops reserved for streamers.
Forum probation for calling someone a 'troll', so I lifetime banned myself from spending money on PoE.
I want to write about two things:
To all who post here saying no one liked the changes, that playerbase will quit early on the league, that it's a bad patch...
well, speak for yourself, not for others and not for me. I'm pretty hyped for this league. I like the mechanic, i like the patch notes, i like all the changes, the new buffs, i like the nerfs, i think this will be awesome to play and will shake things a little.
The changes to endgame, to the atlas tree passives, to altars, i love it all.

I read alot about people complaining about how last league some skills were nerfed (summoners as an example) and they weren't buffed here. I think people forgot what GGG said they would be doing as of last few leagues (don't remember how many leagues ago).
It's 1 league for player/tree/skills mechanics/buffs/nerfs and 1 league for endgame, endcontent, atlas/atlas tree changes. It basics alternated between character/endgame for the big changes in the game. Last league was character big changes. This league it's endgame changes (focus, not exclusive, since we saw some changes even tough the focus is for endgame/atlas changes on this league).
So yes, this league might feel similar to some skills metawise because IT IS supposed to be.

Character focus league:
Make big character changes, makes small fixes on endgame/atlas
Endgame focus league:
Makes big endgame/atlas changes, makes small fixes on character changes

And this is the flow it will go. Next league will focus on character changes, then the next on atlas tree/end game changes...and so on, according to GGG.
OMG, why did you remove inevitable assault (the 2 guardians)? Whyyyy?
Like 40% of the players were only enjoying bossing. What are you doing?

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