Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

looks great. don't mind the haters, game is better than ever. the meta bois will always cry 'ded gaem'. i visit reddit once and a while to laugh at all the concern trolls.

and thank you for FINALLY giving us melee splash on a notable again. i've been salty since you took it from slayer >:(

this makes strike skills MUCH easier to scale without needing 2 skills for clearing AND bossing, room for more support skills! but they keep telling me 'melee is dead'... lol, this is a HUGE buff to a slept-on archetype.

loved the game since beta, cant wait for poe 2.

thanks to the entire team for all the free content!
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what a stupid nerf about kirac missions.. is not so generous.. u just like to continue to reduce our good things? :D

All my builds:
Those curse and chaos dot "buffs" are nerfs. Who you tryin to fool? o_O
WHy nerf none cold occultist to the ground??????
For onslaught,
There is the change onslaught as a buff, and modifiers to buff effect now apply to Onslaught.
Then is the non-curse auras effect will affect the buff of onslaught from the class "Guardian" Radiant Crusade?
Still no crossplay. Playstation leauge dead in 1 week. I will pass.
Vaal molten strike got nerfed before it's even out. Now has +4 instead of 8 radius lmao
Lets see how you bork another promising mechanic cause loot nerfs still suck balls, don't care what you're shills or addicts say. And for the haters this is a positive and a negative.

Telling me I have it too good is also a joke considering I got a mirror, well before I knew sextant blocking, map investing, or any alch and go strat. You don't like rngesus when it's real so weight and come up with convoluted programming to skew it and create the appearance of random chaos. Don't tell me I have it too good when I remember getting swords off Sirus, decent amounts of starforges and dying suns from shaper and decent gear off Atizri none of the mentioned have given me crap worth that in leagues. Don't tell people that they have it too good when you basically encourage MF builds to hunt loot goblins, thanks for the nerf on them only streamers or mf teams will now see big drops on maps /s. My headhunter div count has dropped to crap vs leagues I use to see multiples for making lots of divs cards vs a clanmate or two who doesn't spend half the time or efforts get them consistently. Don't tell us we have it too good when you need atlas passives to get decent watcher's eye in leagues I use to get 2 or 3 affix decent ones with ease all league but have next to nothing because of atlas tree BS you made for us. Perandus was soo good for HH yet what we have now bet it alva, harbinger nerfs and especially beyond nerfs shows you again to be outright lying. Again stop making false arguments, they are false cause you won't reveal raw stats would show you're lying about problems you make or think are there. They are patently false when I can cite clear examples of what we had vs what we got now.

Certainly don't tell anyone mapping hard they have it good when post watchstone removal we know are forced in to doing less and paying to respec the map when it was literally free to do so before if you made watchstones that obliterate any drops your pinnacles bosses have given me. The people that have it good always do but making people blow 15 mirrors on crafting wasn't enough for you. Having it good it is dying on your hc character heist run cause the server stability and instance loading league to league is getting it worse. Having it good it watching most streamers with tank characters have high death counts? Since when is having it good, tons of one shot burst potential to kill you than there has ever been good? Don't whine about having it too good with altars you left functioning like that since day 1. Don't tell me what's fun. Yep it's fun losing a buff that lets me jack up my IQ and IR even more than without absurdly pricy or hard to roll mf gear, glad you could tell me that. Game was a lot of fun when you weren't up your own hides about expected gameplay loops you aren't too willing to touch even in worst leagues. How can you use such a dumb phrase like "expected gameplay loop" when an overwhelming majority of the time you don't want to explain jack to begin with? Yep players need a wiki, multiple loot filters and to be vigilant league to league about tons of meta info to maximize their grind so they aren't wasting or never getting potential drops but we got it too good.

I'd say D4 would make you nervous but with mtx sales so bad the last league leaving you with this much arrogance or hubris about the state of the game no way in hell that could be true.

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Will rarity still affect currency drops and conversion from lower-tier currency into higher tier?
Are the new fracturing orb and divine card league exclusive?

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