Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

Q: What happens if you start a Sanctum run from t16 map but play the remaining rooms from t1 maps? If the first room has a godlike reward, could you cheeze a full run?
The following existing Unique Jewels are able to be found as item drops:
Inspired Learning, Intuitive Leap, Lioneye's Fall, Might of the Meek, Pure Talent, Unending Hunger and Unnatural Instinct.

What about the tempered/transcendent Flesh/Mind/Spirit Jewels. Are they still obtainable?
vollekanne wrote:
no changes to the loot pickup system...
this 5 min map clear 20 min pickup for a few chaos sucks

Thats why I realy looking forward to ruthless. People don't realize that the dopamine rush is way more intense if loot is scarce.... Like realy, realy rare. And no movement skills, no sipping trough maps in 2 minutes. Ruthless will be a blast!

I rarely play more than a month each league, just because even in ssf, you reach to good gear to easy, and just don't get exited about loot anymore... It's just a constant ocean of useless rates, with the occasional nice unique that ends up in stash catching dust anyway.

A rare, that is worthless in trade league, and "kinda ok, but still pretty meh" in ssf, is absolute treasure in ruthless.
IGN: Toxic_Artillery

Obey the Orb:
Nice patch m8 i r8 8/8
Item Filter Update?
The Changes are nice but the Doom Blast Skill is
missing the Hex Tag since ages.
That doesnt make any sense because Impending Doom has this Tag
and you cant deny that doom blast should have it as well from
day one. And making it easier to scale hex aoe still forces
anyone to skill massive aoe nodes to make Doom Blast useable.
Would be a nice time to fix it finally.

The Skittering Runes Notable Passive Skill now gives "50% increased Area of Effect of Hex Skills", "20% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Curse Aura Skills", and "20% reduced Mana Cost of Curse Skills." The cluster now has Small Passive Skills granting:
15% increased Area of Effect of Hex Skills.
10% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Curse Aura Skills.
10% reduced Mana Cost of Curse Skills.
So i play standard from time to time... will i be able to update uniques with a divine orb? Because at the moment i cant update the ralakesh boots to the 30% movement speed etc. Please advise.

"Add Melee Splash access to the Passive Skill Tree and move the single Additional Strike there to the Attack Mastery instead of a specific node."

I guess I will play this league
GoldieShort wrote:
Buff melee they said.
Splash for strikes is not a melee buff!
Buffing uniques doesnt count as buffing melee!
upping 1 totem is not a melee buff..

I want to cyclone again :(

strike skills > slams

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