3.19.1 Patch Notes

Rare monsters that do not drop loot!
Rare monsters that do not drop loot?
Rare monsters that do not drop loot?
Rare monsters that do not drop loot?

it contains nothing important, the main economy-breaking issue still there - REVERT EXALTED-DIVINE CHANGES
how to release a non-patch and call it a notable patch lol.
what does this patch really changes? nothing. loot is still in shambles (spikey af), archnemesis still scales with essence / bestiary / expedition / lake difficulty and produces unreasonably hard encounters, lake itself is still the most unrewarding league mechanic ive ever seen.

last league with unrewarding mechanics was Scourge league but that was quickly fixed - they made krangled maps cook much faster and gave scourge realm like 4 times more quant than on launch (used to be 0.5% per stack, ended up at 2% per stack). Kalandra though? It launched even less rewarding than Scourge and it's still very unrewarding. It's only worth it to build the lakes in maps, hoping for Paradise or Ethereal Mist, because getting that on high difficulty will get you good money in trade league.
harvest buffs when
I don't know why I have forum access, even. Or why I didn't adblock it until now.

PM's through this site, or emails, will not be seen whatsoever.
Stealth shallow delve nerf? Nice one GGG
This ain't it chief
Please return Mana Reserved Mastery!
what a sad life for us exiles! another update patch note with no info and it does not look like they want to increase the droprate.
if 3.20 stays like this I might quit poe completely. I am taking a break from this season, hopefully the next one will be better.
Really sad life because I wanted to get the supporter package to get the new skin, they looked actually decent.

anyway GL HF :) cya in 70 days

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