3.19.1 Patch Notes

Lol tone-deaf patch notes.
give us back our harvest crafts pls
Really not going to give us back the QOL harvest crafts? SSF is will still be unplayable....
So, no fixes to the "hire a culler" loot goblin meta or Harvest? I guess you're still "monitoring" and "discussing" while over 2/3 of the player base has "fucked off to play other games".

33.7% player retention on day 19, worst league ever.
Quick question! Is there any plan to have scourge arrow's pods scale with mouse distance from player again?
at least they did this before friday, hopefully they can find the right "knobs" or "levers" in the code to make the game feel fun.

Nothing feels rewarding, everything feels tedious.

either make the game easier or make loot drop more useful items to compensate for the extreme difficulty increases over the years.
who cares, L league
That's it?
GGG with the death of PoE 2022. RIP everyone. Chris destroyed this thing in record time after taking a decade to make it good lol

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