3.19.1 Patch Notes

warpg8 wrote:
So, no fixes to the "hire a culler" loot goblin meta or Harvest? I guess you're still "monitoring" and "discussing" while over 2/3 of the player base has "fucked off to play other games".

33.7% player retention on day 19, worst league ever.


This, and I hate that my infrequent playing of the game (due to it's current state) counts as player retention.
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Maybe GGG just cant hear us? Hello? Is anyone listening? Heeeelllooo? (echo)
My game is not starting! Joking, Im not even try anymore. Not with that news.
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Lots of skills and only are few are viable with the new contents, is this the path of exile we want? limited flexibility? no potential for creativity? focused on "Slowing things down" so people will play longer why not create more actual content rather than slowing things down to keep player retention. Players stay for the content not on the grind. If it gets repetitive and annoyingly hard you are chasing the player base away.
"we dont have to finish poe2 if no one wants to play it" at this point the only reasonable explanation
The game freezes and crash after update. Nice.
How can magic find cull meta still be in the game.

Even pointed out by GGG multiple times and nothing was hot patched.

At least point out that you have no intention to update it until next league to avoid the babyraging from the upset majority.
Can u stop pls? Why tf are u investing time in a dead league? The few players left in the league don't seem to care about any nerfs etc. So go take a break and then PLEASE re-think your concept for 3.20.
This is just hillarious.

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