3.19.1 Patch Notes

i dont even sustain chissels on red map so ty GGG good bye every one
Just got done with a non juiced T12 where every rare was an arch-nemesis. I think they were also accidentally doubled since I got multiples of the same uniques. Also the total monsters remaining was 0 but there were still a few ANs to fight in the map that were dropping items.

Take it easy
Nope minions are still dying over and over again to normal mobs
I have been playing since Harvest. With the major nerfs to most console-friendly builds, this game simply is no longer fun. I have never struggled so hard just to reach map completion. I shudder to even consider trying end-game bossing or juiced maps. I am done for the league and without significant overhaul to minion survivability, player survivability, and loot drops, I do not think I will return.
This is a nothing update.
GE3SY wrote:
Can u stop pls? Why tf are u investing time in a dead league? The few players left in the league don't seem to care about any nerfs etc. So go take a break and then PLEASE re-think your concept for 3.20.
This is just hillarious.

Cause a lot of us are still playing. Nobody is forcing you to be here.
so monsters are still balanced around players having 90% res cap, max block, and 100% spell suppression hahaha It's still Heist league rerun this season huh
Padoru Intensifies
thank you! appreciate the changes you're making in response to feedback
Nice, thank you for your continuous support.

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