3.19.0g Patch Notes (restartless)

Useless update NEED Harvest Back RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Very cool. At this point I feel like archnem mods are finally hitting their stride. The missions statement of an occasional deadly mob still happens, but there's not really singular mods that make the game unplayable more. There's maybe a few little things like how they feel in blight that could still be tweaked imo, but overall I'm definitely turning around on archnem.
No loot - no fix, i know that you have written that your are "monitoring" it. I dont know what there is to monitor. There is no loot.
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Okay, I think I might give this league another shot. As far as I'm concerned, all that was left to urgently fix were storm striders, let's see how it behaves now
Thanks. Looking forward to it.

And, take care!
Another patch ignoring the real problems, surprise surprise. It's getting pretty hard to stay optimistic about the game's future.
If we are still doing patches to archnemesis, can we also fix toxic mod? Doing blight is ridiculously stupid, when half of the blue and rare mobs has toxic, you are literally diving in the orbs. Volatile orb was much more rare and wasn't so big of a deal. It is not fun and challenging to constantly dodge 20+ orbs flying into you, especially when you don't see half of the screen due to clutter.
Аfter update i have a lot of lags, game started freezing. Yesterday all was ok. I've tried to change video configuration and nothing changes.
Fix 32:9 aspect ratio
Nerf AN, nerf rogue exiles / Enemy Molten Shell, nerf essence modifiers.

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