3.19.0g Patch Notes (restartless)

GGG u work on core main problems?
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3298458 heres most
Affliction master craft service Affliction My IGN TreeOfDead
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2037371 Vouch
Affliction veiled crafting all service all crafts mods
Affliction SC master craft service Affliction SC craft mod!
Veiled crafting Service Affliction craft PM: TreeOfDead
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This is good stuff.... So when do we get some actually important changes?
Lake loot, harvest being worthwhile, Archnem that won't 1 shot 70k EHP's?

GGG, you keep saying your going to fix stuff and that you hear us. but all we get is fixed a bug that should have been fixed 2 years ago.
wake up GGG!!!!
Okay. I did it. I just uninstalled path of exile.
Okay. I did it. I just uninstalled path of exile.

This is just madness.....
Bruh. Fix the loot and Harvest and I'll think about downloading your game again.
sad mode: eternal despair
Fix minions please, I'm about to walk away from this game and not come back. Its not enjoyable at the moment. I got 1 shot yesterday multiple times my minions kept dying constantly I could not kill a metamorph in the lake that had vampiric mod its health would not move and it kept killing all my minions = Zombies, Carrion golem, Specter's. Minions are incredibly weak and this has ruined the game for me completely.
Wow, thought for sure there would be a patch tonight, holiday weekend over and all. Guess they really don't care anymore.
Not enough. Not enough. Uninstalled /sadface

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