3.19.0g Patch Notes (restartless)

Riverwind77 wrote:

Probably that went over your head, they dont spawn on top of players anymore so, technically its not half the time.

No, I read that, but I think that halving the timer is problematic. I'm thinking of specific situations, like;

1. They can now spawn ahead of you in the direction you were going. If your character doesn't have enough movement speed, you're going to get caught and exploded upon if your reactions are even a little delayed.

2. Lightning Mirages will be incredibly dangerous when paired with any kind of slow; chill, the ice wall circle with slow, temp chains, the delirium floor slow...
32:9 support plz
StronkPotato wrote:
32:9 support plz

I was USING galvanic field..... i stacked 105 shock and its bad because of a bug???? dude..... not cool.....
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.
Thanks! Looking forward to it.
some feedback:

T11, T12 corrupted rare maps with 8+ mods feels like it did based on the last league. So there's an improvement in mapping/gameplay. It no longer feels like entering a regular red map with a Pinnacle Boss somewhere in the form of AN mobs. However, an expedition encounter in the same T12 map spawned AN mob(s) which I think had just a stormstrider mod killed my minions (followed by me) at least 3 times. Not sure if this was affected by the patch?

Edit: Tried a T10 Olmec map, and I died 3x from random mobs that exploded on death. Unbelievable. I don't ever recall any time in the past I died in an Olmec map. My minions are still dying despite all the passives allocated on my tree to keep them alive. Frustration levels are rising, not the fun levels.
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Fix game when?
~ Seph
Remove Archnemesis!
Remove Archnemesis!
More Band-Aids for the severed artery. It's mind-boggling.
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Cool changes and all but when are the real changes that all players need going to be released? I don't know but I am poor af compared to previous leagues where I've been rich af without any issues. Please fix.

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