3.19.0g Patch Notes (restartless)

Nice to see spark getting that fix it was really needed. However can you check into why monsters sometimes don't take damage from spark. I have had it happen multiple times so far this league where I would be throwing sparks right at a monster (I can see the projectiles hit and pass through) but no damage and multiple sparks pass through then suddenly they start taking damage again.
Please fix 32x9
New skill bugged, Nerfs and stealth nerfs. Mediocre new skills and no actually buffs. You guys need to get your priorities straight!!!!!!!!!!!
fix ultrawide support
With every new Patch, I'm feeling more and more like the community is being used as labrats for this alpha release of the Kalandra league.

I'm assuming you have people playtesting, yes? I'm super curious to know what exactly these people have been up to? Do you give them 5 mirrors worth of gear, starting at lvl 100 in Act 1, then let them faceroll the entire game? How in the world did this league in it's poor state got the OK for launch?

There's absolutely no way that anyone who had been playtesting the league mechanics, new bugged gems, AN mods, AN combinations, Harvest nerfs and new juice system, terrible loot changes or anything related to Kalandra for that matter, came into Chris's office, being like; "YEP, league is ready for launch!".

It's almost like the programming was done, some values adjusted here and there, and you guys thought it's all fine and dandy, but...who played through any of this and deemed it ready for launch??? Why does it feel like the community is being responsible for the testing so that it might be fixed a month into the league??? Most of these issues are totally obvious and should not require community feedback before it's being looked at or fixed. What is going on?

Lake Kalandra rewards - Not tested
New Archnemesis modifiers - Not tested
Possible Archnemesis combinations (difficulty) - Not tested
New, bugged gems - Not tested
Loot nerfs and their possible impact on community and market - Not tested
Loot pinatas (only worth with MF culler) - Not tested
Harvest changes with ridiculous amounts of juice required for certain crafts - not tested
Important Harvest crafts removed (all connected to the annihilation of Exalted orbs) - ...Not tested?
Crafting bench changes/removal of 6link Divine Orb vendor recipe and their impact - ...Not tested?
Currency stealth nerfs - ...Yeah, that's just sad, tested or not
32:9 support - Removed? I don't even know what to say

This is what it looked like at league start. Some of these points have been worked on and are fixed by now, but there's still several more Patches required in my opinion.

I'm still playing the game and I'm mostly enjoying it, but that doesn't mean those issues were non-existent (or ARE still existent in many cases). What happened to Chris's post about "improving communication"? I'm not seeing any kind of communication when it comes to the biggest issues this community addressed in regards to the current state of the game. Why is it being ignored?
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pls fix 32:9
Thank you for the fixes! I noticed the pet move speed right away. And lightning mirage is much better now.
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Completed tiles in the Lake of Kalandra are now faded out when displayed on the Lake Map.

Alva has been in there for years and lacks this feature and its part of core. Can we get that added to this as well?
Wait ... did you just buff the damage of the lightning mirages by 100%? Why?!
I have the impression that all those changed in 3.19 are accidental, .... it's worth seeing what it gives in the final compilations, .... a dozen years of playing PoE is slowly becoming an embarrassment - it ceases to make sense in playing, despite supporting this game, This is starting to look like a waste of time for the many years spent in PoE

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