3.19.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Is this a twilight zone episode where the league mechanic has been buffed twice and is still horrible? Anything beyond difficulty 10/11 is unbelievably overtuned and my reward for a difficulty 14 essence is the same as bench craft on a tier 1 map, except the lake version has 100x more hp and 20x more dmg.

Shills here still defend the state of the game. Inb4 "get good", my build does all non-uber content ssf. Slob on my knob enjoy your gimped game.
Ornstein6669 wrote:
"Increased the quantity of Currency Shards from Harbingers in Harbinger Reflections at all difficulties."
So what about divine orb shards? Why I need harbinger's shards if there is no divine orb shards, which is now the new "big currency"? Just revert this changes, revert divine and exalted orbs swapping, there is no reason to be for divine orb so important and overpriced

Man, I feel so bad thinking about the guy who made Brother's Stash. I think he said something along the lines of; "I want people to feel the excitement when getting exalts like my late brother and me used to."

Now those exalts don't hit that way anymore, do they?
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Please fix: Headhunter "no rares so no buff" Loot "not enough" Minions "just garbage".

Also, I still have a stash bug. I need to press hide remove only tabs every time I open my stash after a map.
Need more boost pls
Stop giving us scraps and fix the big issues!

You are destroying your own game, its fine to just say "we messed up" and revert things to how they were before in the past - for any given issue.

Make POE fun again.
Subxeno wrote:
Ringcycle wrote:
You guys didn't deserve the community's backlash. Keep going strong. We still believe in you.

Bro they lied to us about the biggest change they've ever made to the entire game, and have been slowly buffing what they nerfed on purpose, and it's still not even CLOSE to what it used to be...Mapping with any investment is 100% loss atm...

They created fires and aren't even bothering to put them out, why are you praising them?

I guess the people praising GGG for making these minor changes, like the 2.5% increased drop rate of currency from yesterday, are some kind of masochists.

I love this game and have 1800hrs in it, but this league by far has been the least enjoyable. I have to debate myself every time before I open the game launcher. Literally no meaningful drops in regards to currency, run out of alchs all the time, running blue t14 maps, streamers getting 5c return on fully juiced maps, like what is going on.

Maybe a month from now a stack of these small useless patches will bring it back to a reasonable place, but yeah for now it's a tough one, i'm just vibing for the challenge rewards.
All in all only cosmetic changes, no loot in the pond still. Sad again.
CAN you bring back removed harvest crafts pls??? we need this for comfortable gameplay
> Change a stack of Oils into a different colour of Oil now has a cost of 30 (previously 100).

A stack would mean 10 oils.
Either this patch isn't live, the announcement is wrong or the implementation is wrong.

A stack costs 300, not 30.
I just went ahead and saw "ooh yeah it costs 30" and then I added a stack and crafted it. Only to realise when I'm about to craft my 2nd stack, that it was actually 300. Typical dumb and misleading descriptions meant to trick people.

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