3.19.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Now bring back crafts you stole from us from 3.18, increase currency drop rate to level from 3.18 and we consider back to playing.

Start listen to you community. You got tons of YT videos with "what went wrong". Just listen. PLS
Bring back 32:9 support please :(
How low was that refoge more likely chance. It felt like it was no different than a chaos. It should be way better now to make any sense using it.
0 drops from Kalandra. Why you lying about BUFFING it?
I spend 15 minutes for 83lvl area kalandra with 8 diff, and get 5-7 chaos drop AT MAX!
0 divines (got 3 pure drop from league start)
0 exalts (from league start, playing 14+ hours per day)

Items price on market for upgrade 10+ div per item.
Stop your BS about BUFF for DROPrates!
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sreet wrote:
Thank you guys.
I really like the league a lot.
The currency/item droprate is indeed a lot lower but the shitstorm is not deserved.

The **** storm is a self inflicted injury really and thus it is deserved.
It is somewhat ironic that the league is about skills that shock :)

This is literally the SHOCKING league.

I find it somewhat disheartening that they kept so many changes out of the original patch notes and are not completely forthcoming and transparent with the actual changes. They already burned themselves in the past by being sneaky about things. FFS they had a whole manifesto devoted to how transparent they want to be in the future.

I do not mind the changes as much as some people do. Especially after some of the tweaks they have done. I am willing to accept a new normal, as long as it is balanced and fun. What I do not like is when they are bullshitting us and pretend we are dumb enough to not notice what they are doing.

They could have started a good faith conversation about the state of the loot in the game, talking about the actual numbers and how they plan to change those. Instead they waited for people to notice the obvious change they made to loot and then pretended they "just removed a few historical modifiers".

At this point, they have burned themselves again and while I am not part of the doomsday crew who claims this will kill POE, it definitely eroded a lot of the good will and respect the community had towards them. I am hoping they will course correct and start build that trust back up... this league start will still sting for some time and only time will heal that wound.
i've tested league content after patch:

harbringers lvl area 83, difficulty 10 give me nothing. not even a half of chaos orb. LOL. Same for ALL ROOMS

what the hell. Empty league. I've beat boss with golden border difficulty 15, area 83, gem revard: not a single gem was 20% quality or 20+ lvl

League was dropped by me at day 4 after this, gj Cris. I regret I've bought last support pack, you continue killing your game which still best in the world.

so i run x3 tablets, take some time to make them and clear. All i got is 4 chaos total + sirus guardian map. They all was 83ilvl and about 15room each at least.

so tilted, sorry. I just cant believe at this. just why you are keep doing these? why?

Can you undo the whole Divine and Exalted orb change. It literally destroyed the economy for no reason.

I mean, you have shirts with exalted orbs on them… It’s clear that they are supposed to be the “hundred dollar bill” of the game and you’ve made them a $10 bill instead. There are multiple divination cards to get more and their rarity goes hand in hand.

Now we’re supposed to treat Divine orbs this way for no apparent reason. It was a poor decision to do this. I’m a casual player and you took away the fun of getting an exalted orb. They are suppose to be king, not Divines. Even conceptually, “slamming an exalt” is fun. You get to add a new stat to something. That’s unique. Divine’s get to reroll numbers….whoop-de-do. Please undo this. You killed them economically speaking and also killed their luster.
You are doing your end of the deal, I`m doing mine.
Still not enough.
Why are you doing these incremental buffs that are miles from the mark? Your release was bad, roll back your changes to 3.18 drop rates and bestiary recipes, buff Kalandra to be worth doing, get QA who actually know what they are doing and try your changes you're so attached to next league when you're sure you got the balance right.

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