3.19.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Bubbleoseven_ wrote:
JoeShmo wrote:
No reduction to the white socket craft eh?

It's bad enough you took away the socket / link # crafts ...but you had to take away the socket color ones too; and leave us with an absurdly expensive one so that you get maybe 1 chance at it every 20 harvests in red maps, or every 100 maps.

Are you blind or something? Have you looked at your crafting bench? It's been there all league long. https://imgur.com/PRtYG3V

No lie, being able to spam the harvest socket recolor on the cheap would have 100% invalidated bench coloring; I still miss it though.
I wonder if the testing part of these patches even happens, seriously, look at the changes, we have crafts that are more than ten times lower now.

Is it two different departments doing the work and neither talking to each other?, are you possibly farming out work to tencent on the cheap?

It looks rushed, like it's been made in segments that were left as placeholders, and now it's being tuned into place.

Maybe that's what they are doing, push the boundries of how far can players be pushed before they leave then walk back a step or two then do it again in another league.

Pot meet frog?
Ringcycle wrote:
You guys didn't deserve the community's backlash. Keep going strong. We still believe in you.

Are you aware they choose not to tell us about taking away damn near all your loot?...They deserved everything being thrown at the them, period.
TempestoDeus wrote:
csebal wrote:
I don't see what the problem is here...

they removed 95% of the loot, sure,
but then they increased the loot by 300-500%

We are up 205-405% people, rejojce.

What I do not understand is why I am still missing 75% of my currency drops, but it must surely be a different thing, as the loot levels are now higher than before!!!!!11111ONEONE


at least that is how math seems to work for some. :)

I think the issue is that the 500% loot is only from chests so juicing maps i.e. rare/corrupt/quality +etc is not rewarded really. Dropping 150c into a map then getting 20c as a total reward from the map is really disheartening. Killing that juiced metamorph to then get 120 armour scraps is a kick in the pants.

No the problem is depending on the mob type based on league mechanics I.E. lets say abyss rares had previously 3000% increased rarity and 2000% quant. now with the changes they did for 3.19 the mobs are no different then normal white mobs and had 100-300% quant and rare. even with the buffs they did the mobs drop shit nothing because they need such high rarity and quant to even drop shit 95% of the time in the old system. now they will drop shit 99.999999999995% of the time.
With the loot numbers people glide past the base numbers, what is the base chance of a drop, 0.05 maybe?, for arguments sake.

This is the thing about posting percentages, percentages of WHAT is the important part, adding 25% to .05 is a whole lot of nothing but adding 1000% gives it a low chance instead of no chance.

100% chance doesn't mean 100.05%.
No reforge keep prefix/suffix :(
Thanks for the hard work, keep the improvements coming :)

PLEASE fix 32:9 support

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