3.19.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Atchh wrote:
No reforge keep prefix/suffix :(

rly sad

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Currently reinstalling LE.

Ill be there until a few items are reverted to previous state:

Crafting (reforge- pre/suffix)

Minion survivability

Loot drops back (or at least near) to pre-3.19 levels

I enjoyed the game and want to continue playing. But i'm not going to waste my time playing half-baked implementations and completely unwarranted changes.
You guys didn't deserve the backlash you got. Mostly the high end streamers and gamers brought this to the point it reached. Average player even in standard don't reach the lvl of play by these high end gamers and streamers. thank you for making drop rates better. Keep it up GGG
Fart_Smucker wrote:
Ringcycle wrote:
You guys didn't deserve the community's backlash. Keep going strong. We still believe in you.

Are you aware they choose not to tell us about taking away damn near all your loot?...They deserved everything being thrown at the them, period.

They said awhile ago that they would implement ninja patches and community didn't throw an uproar. They threw one when they did, as if they never saw it coming. The backlash they have received was unnecessary
eyyyy 5 patches in and im starting to get some dopamine <3
As a fairly new player, I've dabbled in poe in the past but never really played it like in this league. I have to say the difficult curve is all over the place.

It's really frustrating when you get one shot by an essence mob at a t1-t5 map but somehow you can kill the map boss without any problems at all. It's like what is going on here?

I've gone through the guides over and over again(can't imagine playing the game without one) to try figure out what I've done wrong. I've done a lot of things wrong but I can tell when something isn't quite right with the difficulty.

Like I said it isn't fun to lose your experience because you had no chance to begin with. You barely get any chance to escape, some of them run so fast they easily catch up and murder you. One of them even ran at super speed *and* LEAPED at me lol and then one shot me. Yikes.

I saw one of those beastmaster mobs earlier today, a red one. It was so juiced up. Luckily I wasn't near it so I actually managed to zone away before it killed me. Like I said I don't understand how you can run into a red beastmaster mob on a higher level and it's way, way easier and all of the sudden on a lower level map you run into a spawn from hell that is out to murder you? How are you supposed to even tell the difference? I can't pause the game to look at the mob. There is no combat log so I have no idea what instantly killed me.
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Even Chriss Willson said if they touch loot.. they will kill this game in few days, GJ Chriss, job is done, you destroyed game:) please give me back my microtransactions money i am done with this stupid game :(((
Ringcycle wrote:
You guys didn't deserve the community's backlash. Keep going strong. We still believe in you.

Why? Because now they are trying desperately to fix something they intentionally broke that wasn't broken in the first place? Do you think that they would have been spewing one patch after another every day without that community backlash? And without realizing that the community backlash was actually... correct? And do you think that what you're getting now is enough to fix the mess they made? This is 1 step forward after taking a 100 steps back. And you're cheering for them as if this is the greatest thing ever and not just a band-aid on the bullet wound they caused.
Niiiiice!!!! still haven't tested the reworked Harvest but with those changes may be easier for the casual player (a.k.a me lol)
Ringcycle wrote:
Subxeno wrote:
Ringcycle wrote:
You guys didn't deserve the community's backlash. Keep going strong. We still believe in you.

Bro they lied to us about the biggest change they've ever made to the entire game, and have been slowly buffing what they nerfed on purpose, and it's still not even CLOSE to what it used to be...Mapping with any investment is 100% loss atm...

They created fires and aren't even bothering to put them out, why are you praising them?

Hanlon's razor.

That's hysteria. GGG devs are gamers and gamers are not the best communicators. How do you know they lied? Chris himself told us the quant/rarity nerf. The archnem drops are good. I've already experienced some impressive drops that weren't possible in previous leagues.

Hanlon's razor is not just something you use at any convenient time - the level of stupidity needed to explain this instead of what all other evidence shows is massive - there is no way they are THAT stupid or incompetent.

Anyway - no one says its malice - its a specific vision that many dont like that will get pushed through anyway - so Hanlon not needed, because no one thinks the changes are done out of malice to begin with.

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