3.19.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

This lot change is thing to be hated more than arch nemesis. This game made your players really good at just looking at data tables because the in game toolrips are so bad.

You are 6 patches in this league in six days. Take a week and just make the game you want.

If your players don't want it, maybe release it as a different mode.
I'll repeat what i said before.

GGG plz rmeove archnemesis
Stay strong GGG, you guys had a lot of work this past week and i appreciate it!
I hope we can sometimes soon have the game in a spot where all the hate finally stops for the sake of everyone. :)

Imagine guys, if GGG would update their game like blizzard "updates" Diablo 3 we would have the same talk in 6 months. ;)
Enjoying the league big time thank you for this league i dislike being handed things in life actually having to work for gear now is amazing actually when a exalt drops now is amazing feeling and not like pass leagues on day 1 i get 10 of them!!! Love my slow progression feels so rewarding when something drops than a mount of loot...Lastly i wish yal didn't buff crafting going to power creep me even faster aftercall the faster you gear in this game the less you want to play this game its all about the hunt and what people dont understand if you handed gear by the mounts of GG loot just means you wil play less n less each day (>.<)
Chakka wrote:
I saved all tablets for this, thanks.

Tested em now?
Hows it is?
Reading all those random costs in harvest honestly made me laugh. Still no buffs to overall loot though.
I'm glad they didn't I'm enjoying the slow league such a nice change of pace hopefully poe 2 is like this slow none zoomer one shot everything in the sun on red maps
I'm experiencing a lot of crash to desktops when killing essence mobs. Not everytime, but there seems to be a pattern. DX12.

The quantity of lifeforce obtained in harvest is wayyyy offf with the number of crafting options we had

I got 363 total in a T16 with 12% increase lifeforce on 3 crops

This means i could reforge a rare 7 times with random modifier including cold/lightning/fire/physical and that's it

Before, on 3 crops, i could get those 7 crafts and way more

I was so looking forward to this :(
some of these responces about playing longer because loot was handed to you..... We would play more if

1. remove the need to run acts on new characters after completing it once
2. more craft materials drop so we can actually craft the lottery craft system or
3. bring back harvest fully but make it so you cabt roll the top 3 tier modifiers, and adding a certin mod the highest cost with 50% removing a mod
4. 98% of droped rares are junk and a pain in the bum to identify, please just remove identifying items
5. arch nem is good exepect for unkillable [partially adressed] and the minion stuff that junps around and instashock kills or stuns you
6. with the super reduction to loot, but still high ammount of vairety of life and defense mods needed to just walk around a high yellow or regular unmodded red map is rediculus.
7. Buff resistant rolls by 5% flat at all levels, and all resist by 2% flat [if loot stays similar to this]
8. buff scion please
9. buff loot by another 200% or mega nerf ammount of res we need so we can run quant and rarity items [would also need to buff quant and rarity by 1000% to be useful with diminishing returns to prevent 6groups with mega IF builds]
10. buff minion survivablity so they dont get 5tappd in red maps or 1tapd in uber and buff some cool looking spectres so more than a few can do red maps and boss content please

basicly balance your game on behalf of the average player who can do red maps and some bosses, not the .000001% that spams bosses all day. You guys say it all the time the actual majority playerbase barely gets past acts.

That is all.

ps. Please be more open about actual factual changes not bait and switch or *anchoring* to seem like your being genuine. Most of your community is not dumb as it requires some basic math and know how to do well.

have a nice day and stay safe. [league mechanic is fun but 99% of the time the mirror item is poop :( ]
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