3.19.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Fixed a bug where Unique Items dropped by monsters with Archnemsis modifiers using the reward conversion system were dropping already Identified.

Accidental quality of life improvement has been removed.

Edit and giving up. makes no difference anyway.
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Wait, I've just realized. Bex wrote in twitter 'our thoughts about item drops'. Is that really all their 'thoughts'? Jesus, if it is so, then this league and patch will be the biggest tragedy since the No man's Sky lying...

Hit the motherload yesterday, dropped a Divine Orb. Done and dusted, roll on 3.20
I really like this league.

Maybe its because I went back to RF and specced wandering path so I can sustain my maps. Maybe its something else.

The only downside I feel is that there is too much collision on the lake, but thats prolly just for my build shield charges around.

Keep up the good work with them hotfixes/patches.
reverting a decision you made 90% just shows how ignorant your testers are.
When are you going to understand that we don't care about lake of kalandra mechanic if the overall loot is still shit.

Mapping feel AWFULL, coming back with empty inventory isn't fun.

Never thought I would stop playing this game.

I'm worried about the game's future
Ok. Cost reducing for Harvest is good, but i have question: Reforge keep Suffixes/Prefixes when? Make it cost something like i dont know 5 000 - 10 000?
Colours and Jewel implicits is also important(and many otrhers), i understand why you delete those but "Reforge keep #"? This is too much.

This change completly delete Adequate way to craft good items, multimoded items ones again? Boring(((
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