3.19.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Fixed a bug where Unique Items dropped by monsters with Archnemsis modifiers using the reward conversion system were dropping already Identified.


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To late and its onl;y part of a problem, one wek after league start. This season is lost. Cya in the next one.
fatmechanic wrote:
Too little too late. This was the last league for me most likely.

Oh no... anyway.
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Well. Excuse me for wanting to actually kill mobs in an aRPG to get decent loot instead of opening chests. If you like this direction that's fine. It's not for me :)
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I know the answer is probably no, but is it possible to bring back the harvest craft for a random Implicit on X Jewel.

Could be 3 different crafts for varying prices based on jewel type, Base Jewels, Abyss and Cluster

I am really missing these for fulling out random stuff for my builds
kirac vault pass when?
I like cheese
"Aaaand it's gone."
PablitoBTW wrote:

How do you know they lied?
Idk, maybe they didnt said anything about loot nerfs in patch notes before league start in the first place. Forgot to mention using DELETED harvest crafts in Lake of Kalandra trailer.

"The archnem drops are good"
Yeah, i love getting 100 blacksmith whetstones and 57 flasks from one monster. That definitely is impressive.

You are high on copium bruh

Bruh, you're reacting to the changes too fast. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 100 whetstones and flasks is hilarious. GGG is going to fix that because it's so odd. But, right now, you're fanning the flames. That's hurtful to the people working hard to make a good game. These changes are necessary to make the move to poe2... and everything we want to know about poe2 is LESS THAN A YEAR AWAY! It's crunch time buddy.
Theres like 5 or 6 comments saying "you dont deserve the hate"...

All I see are psyops
"Increased the quantity of Currency Shards from Harbingers in Harbinger Reflections at all difficulties."
So what about divine orb shards? Why I need harbinger's shards if there is no divine orb shards, which is now the new "big currency"? Just revert this changes, revert divine and exalted orbs swapping, there is no reason to be for divine orb so important and overpriced

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