3.19.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

jontrollvolta wrote:
TempestoDeus wrote:

I think the issue is that the 500% loot is only from chests so juicing maps i.e. rare/corrupt/quality +etc is not rewarded really. Dropping 150c into a map then getting 20c as a total reward from the map is really disheartening. Killing that juiced metamorph to then get 120 armour scraps is a kick in the pants.

No the problem is depending on the mob type based on league mechanics I.E. lets say abyss rares had previously 3000% increased rarity and 2000% quant. now with the changes they did for 3.19 the mobs are no different then normal white mobs and had 100-300% quant and rare. even with the buffs they did the mobs drop shit nothing because they need such high rarity and quant to even drop shit 95% of the time in the old system. now they will drop shit 99.999999999995% of the time.

This is really the crux of the issue - it shows just how broken and/or badly designed loot/itemization is this game.

Apparently, you need insane amounts of iiq and iir for anything good to drop - and even in those cases of "good" you are ignoring most of it. Before you thought mostly stuff that dropped was shyt and that was WITH massive buffs.

Anyway, I bet all of this is so when loot 2.0 comes out, it feels even better than anything 1.0 did - and while that sounds tinfoil - GGG is (or should be) famous for the "cut you down to building you up feel better" philosophy of game design.

Implement something that makes you feel +2, but since 2 over 0 is not much of a climb, first cut the person down to -5 and THEN build to 2 so its feels like a +7 instead of the +2 it actually is.

Don't make someone feel better without making them feel bad first, that way the nice feeling seems more so.

Anyway - the people who claim the drops are mostly fine are liars OR they happen to be running the content that is just as reward as before and have not gotten the memo about the other stuff. How nice for them, but those mapping alternative are going to get hit sooner or later, and probably in the next league if I had to bet on it. Let's see what SOME of those people say then.
Andydbetic wrote:
Fart_Smucker wrote:
Ringcycle wrote:
You guys didn't deserve the community's backlash. Keep going strong. We still believe in you.

Are you aware they choose not to tell us about taking away damn near all your loot?...They deserved everything being thrown at the them, period.

They said awhile ago that they would implement ninja patches and community didn't throw an uproar. They threw one when they did, as if they never saw it coming. The backlash they have received was unnecessary

saying "we sometimes do X" but not really pointing to anything was mostly likely never going to lead to much uproar.

People would need to see something they clearly felt and then have the company admit to the secrecy.

I really don't see how you can be surprised by the backlash simply because they implied they tune some knobs in secret sometimes (the loot changes were rather massive here, as well, and beyond what the wording was imply they change secretly)

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