Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

What a bad league... :(
No buffs 3 leagues in a row!!!
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"The Map Device now remembers which Map Crafting option you last used, and is automatically selected if it is available and you have the relevant currency."

Just to be clear, augments and reforge keeping crafts from harvest still exist?

Oh, can you change the fact that alchemy orbs are a dead end?
The base chance for a Beyond portal to spawn when you kill a monster is now fixed at 15%. This means that multiple sources of the Beyond mechanic no longer stack

They finally did it, man...

I see literally 90% nerfs and 10% buffs... this time i buy mtx only if i enjoy it.

P.S. what i am supposed to do with my exalted orbs in std?
Yet another LS League boys and giiiiiiirls!

The Bald Man Approves
meh.... still sad about changes
So melee still dead...hard pass on this one.

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