Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

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Thanks for Pathfinder nerf!
giga hyped for the new league
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Have you ever seen a worm shed its shell and transform into a butterfly? That is what happens when a person starts embracing the way of the Hardcore Solo Self-found. It is like shedding ones mortal flesh and bones and rebirthing as a transcendent being. Your physical shell becomes stronger, better and purer while your mind transforms into divine sense. You will see beyond the veil of this world. You will see the truth that has been hidden from you while you were imprisoned in your mortal husk.
Embrace greatness. Temper your mind, body and spirit to a superhuman level. Are you ready to transform from a mortal into a god? Join Path of Exile Kalandra League and join HCSSF.

I hereby officially invite lily to the OFFICIAL HCSSF guild of Path of Exile. This invite lasts until the end of 3.19
Guild Leader of the OFFICIAL HCSSF Guild.

Guild Thread:
dang, those reworks are super cool, especially love the comeback of scourge mobs and adding actual feel of rare mobs being rare, also trickster looks very interesting. League mechanic looks simple yet engaging as well, I cant express how much I want to start playing it, even tho I'm still having fun playing a current league :D
yes, zagmax does love him some poe, but more poe is even better
Hi mom
Friendship ended with Champion, now Trickster is best friend!

Don't hate on Ventrua, guys! He's an honest content farmer.

Alkaizer-senpai: "Don't come inside... my chat, Jung!"
Junkroan: "Don't worry! I'll take responsibility."

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