Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

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GGG is literally gonna fix all the balance issues right now. They gonna make all low-end skills playable. They gonna take all the top-end skills and top-end abilities that generate billions of dps down and you gonna be able to play wintertide brand, you gonna be able to play vaal dual strike, you gonna play wild strike, fkn... raider if you wanted to. You gonna play everything... GGG is literally gonna make every single build playable in 3.19 upcoming on this manifesto. Mark my words dude.

CATW memers unite
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Well, There looks like a lot of interesting possibilities with the uniques. Big strange changes.

I love the harvest/beyond rework. And several other things struck me as good. I'm pleasantly surprised.

I think it will be wise to give the league start a wide berth though. Need to see what the beat it in 20 minutes crowd gets done.

I feel like there will be an absolute mess of bugs with all the new unique mechanics interacting. Double knockback, double freeze, guaranteed flee, negative gem levels. Stuff's gonna break for sure.

Really don't like all the FOMO in the reveal stream, but at least it didn't work on me. I'm not tempted to spend money as yet.

Honestly looks like necro isn't dead with all the new base types and reworks. +2 to specters on wraithlord is cool. But not sure if the extras off set zero other minions.

When I do LS it'll likely be a witch anyway just because variety.

Just sharing thoughts.

P.S. Flicker strike darkness delve targeting bug fix pls.

P.P.S. Double nerfing cast on death was uncalled for. It's ok to let one cheap effective build exist that doesn't actually trivialize content. Most bosses have stages. Not every boss needs an investment gate vs all builds.

Take a lesson from Borderlands. It's ok to let the player feel like they are cheesing sometimes.
Too much censorship that you never even see. Totally removed posts and silenced accounts across all communities.
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