Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

"Blessing Skills

Problem: Divine Blessing Support is intended to allow characters who do not wish to reserve much of their mana to still use an aura by casting the aura for a normal mana cost every few seconds. The cost of the supported aura is calculated based on that aura's original reservation requirement, and therefore usually requires spending a large portion of your maximum mana. However, due to technical limitations, the cost is still calculated based on the size of your mana pool if it paid using life. This allows players who are reserving most of their mana to support an aura with both Divine Blessing Support and Lifetap Support, and occasionally spend a few thousand life to gain an extra aura beyond the amount they would otherwise be able to run.
Solution: Prevent Lifetap Support from supporting Blessing skills, to match its counterpart Arrogance Support. Provide slight compensation for this change on Divine Blessing Support, and update Eternal Blessing Support to match."

That's the dumbest decision you could have made. Yes you get an additional aura for a short time. But you've already nerfed mana efficiency hard. You **** casual gamers with it because hardcore gamers take advantage of it. Please consider that because you can't afford the gear and don't have the micro, some people can't really play the late game. Taking away the joy of playing with all your nerfs is poor, because they also financed you by buying your in-game cosmetics!

Hence my appeal: Please undo this!
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you figured out new way to "communicate" with playerbase?
stay silent about big changes until last day and hope nerfs wont cause wide spread negative reaction?
what you done with harvest is not cool, sneaky move =/
Yay! Another skip league.

ArchNemesis = dead game.
Build disabling affixes are not fun, making them appear less often doesn't change that fact. Way to "listen to the community" with earplugs in.
literally the only good thing about archnemesis is it resulted in nullifier going away, was one of the most broken mods ever, but even then you could just avoid it if you rolled your maps right so I wouldn't call this much more than a small convenience
Thanks for clipping usable builds again.

Wgy mana reservation why???
Problem: They nerf everything we love.
Solution: Dont buy in-game stuff until they fix it
Can you explain us GGG where are the rewards this league, really non sense to waste time on new mecanic )=
Trickster - "The ascendancy doesn't have a compelling identity so we're going to remove it's unique or rare focuses on aspects that buff mobility skills, channeled skills, and skills like Exsanguinate and give it a bunch of generic stat tweakers while gimping good skills and even making a gimp skill a mandatory 'builder' required to get either of the next two passives."


Thank you for absolutely fucking over every Trickster I have. Every single one of their builds had their "unique identity" completely removed because of this patch.

I get that patches do this sort of thing, but the lying here is what's pissing me off. "Oh, oh, unique identity" and then you just gut that aspect to implement a bunch of generic passives.

Edit: So hey, I had a question occur.

How the heck do we allocate Spell Breaker or Soul Drinker without wasting ascendancy points on Escape Artist? That thing has no business being a "builder" node when it's both limited and limiting. The Juggeernaut's Unbreakable node not only doesn't pull that crap, it doesn't pull that crap with two gear slots, and Escape Artisst shouldn't either.

As it currently stands any Trickster that doesn't kowtow to having evasion on their body armor and energy shield on their helmet is stuck with only getting 3 ascendancy notables at most. Those who do kowtow to those limitations also limit their gear choices for those slots.
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Generally speaking, minion life and damage is unchanged in the very early game, roughly 30% lower in mid acts, roughly 20% lower at level 20 of the minion skill, and roughly 10% lower at level 30 of the minion skill.

What are the numbers for golems? What are the numbers for Zombies? They do feel rather squishy.

It seems to be far less than 30% lower.
Honestly, even if I don't dislike any the mechanics of the league YET, I still hate this league.

You try to log on, enjoy some stuff, discover the new updates...
And all you see is bitching crying and whining, non stop, everywhere.

Your only choice is to turn chat and forum off, and have no community, or endure 24/7 toxic community.

So yeah.
Hate this league, even though I havent tried half of it.
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