Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

Minion changes are absolutely off.

Especially for Spectre gem.
This skill is just destroyed now.
The only good thing about 3.19 are the harvest changes

The biggest problem which was most ascendancies being dead is still prevalent and melee is still pointless. Bad patch as expected.
I guess my plan to play dex stacking is dead.
Why just not put the fated unique into the drop pool without disable it.
Can you put back Hyrri's Demise so I can play the build.
Antiquities from the early days of Path of Exile
Chainbreaker has been reworked. It now grants 1 Rage regenerated for every 25 Mana Regeneration per second, Mana Recovery from regeneration is not applied, and Skills cost +3 Rage.

Have you forgotten the basic +3 rage per second? Tell me it's a mistake.. otherwise it looks like a serious nerf.

[Removed by Support]
probably dabbing.
Here is what I do not understand, and I am sure i'm going to get flamed... and that's fine, but I want to understand something.

Yes, I play Seismic. I enjoy the build... yes, it was overpowered at a low cost (I totally agree with this). What I don't understand is that it feels like rather than making adjustments to builds to make them more in line with other builds so that people can still enjoy the build, be competitive with the build (maybe at a higher cost of course) the build gets gutted.

It forces people, like me, to change to another build to complete content. I don't want to try new builds... I've played a lot of different builds over the years and most I just don't enjoy, or I don't like the playstyle.

It's frustrating to have to play a handful of builds to be competitive, because the prices of needed items to BE competitive are costly because everyone needs them!

I just have a hard time understanding the mentality sometimes. I feel that the change to the gem itself:

Seismic Trap: Now deals 46 to 68 Physical Damage at gem level 1 (previously 65 to 98), up to 597 to 896 at gem level 20 (previously 853 to 1280).

That's great! it was overpowered, can't deny it. That change seems fair.

but then you add in:
- The Hasty Reconstruction Notable Passive Skill has been renamed to Overprepared and no longer grants 30% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate for throwing Traps.
- Advanced Traps Support no longer has 10%–29% increased Skill Effect Duration.

I don't know, I'm just throwing stones at a brick wall because most people hate Seismic Trap to begin with. Just a bummer is all.

Can’t find aegis nerfs poggers I might survive abit

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