Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

They fucking took the Beach map out, [Removed by Support], thank you ggg.
Last edited by Lisa_GGG on Aug 11, 2022, 9:39:27 PM
Now they make divine orb costed 180c and exalted orb costed 10c. What is the use of exalted orb for now? Only "cannot roll attack" mod and nothing else because no one uses exalt slam nowaday. Divine orb price will probably raise higher because it is much rarer and the demand will grow ten times higher. That will make crafting much harder and much more expensive.
+ A lot of uniques make leveling easier now and harvest is not the worst part of the game anymore. Nice!

+ League mechanic and new endgame memory things look cool.

- Still mad about the deleted mana reservation efficiency mastery...
- and the lack of REALLY buffed skill gems and melee buffs...

+++ seismic finally directly nerfed. thank you!
GGG, please give us WHITE THEME of this site. because eyes was bad after reading....
Melee?? nothing?? Really?
It's not going to be as bad as I thought. I'm rather looking forward to the Harvest changes which seem top of the notch.
Excited for the next league. Patch notes seem good. The unique updates are cool and should lead to more build options.

Was wondering if anything is being done to make the challenger trophy pieces more reasonable to obtain. For example last league the 40/40 was made super difficult, but totem pieces were not shifted down to match. Is this how it is going to be from now on? If so I'm sad since that is the only reason my friend and I play and last league we couldn't get very far so stopped playing earlier than we wanted to. We also "paid" (in game trade) for a couple challenges which felt dumb and not fun. Was hoping for some mention of this.
I am so excited for Trickster rework!

(still pissed about the mana reservation mastery being taken away.)
SuperDumbo wrote:
No way i'm unlocking new Atlas for THIS... You have to offer me QUALITY content, to force me to waste my time on this game again.

Overall, I've seen nothing but positive feedback for what was announced today....What do you consider "QUALITY" content?
Honestly, i`m a bit over the edge with the way even "unique item rebalance" becomes yet another wound for Necromancer and summoners in general.
Majority of items that was mainly used by AG due to weak base and\or no specific strong personal effects now become an mediocre personal item or mediocre aurabot-only gear.
Ambu, Victario and stuff.
I mean, i`m okay with direct nerfs to minion stats, especially if it is compensated by gearing. That`s reasonable, and necros being as useful on 1ex as some melee builds on near-mirror budget is not ok.
But why add a grain of salt after that by nerfing summoners even harder indirectly?

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