Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

actually exciting changes! Though I wonder - if Divines are now Exalts, who even wants exalts anymore? Are you making your dream come true - to slam exalts on an item with closed eyes? :\
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I liked these changes except that they insist on keeping archnemesis mods in the game. I think most people would love to see that crap go for good.
6-links should still vendor for a Divine orb! Please!

Also, that's a lot of uniques that have their +life removed. =/

Ah, I wondered about the herald of ash overkill ignite! Thanks for fixing it!
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So uhh Hirri's Bite (Demise)? oh well i guess i'll do something else
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Fated Uniques can no longer be acquired. The special modifiers on some Fated Uniques have been moved to the base version of that Unique. More information can be found in the Rebalance of Unique Items section.

I'm sorry but I don't see anything about stalking pustule being moved to Dusktoe from Duskbligt. Did you just murder one of my favourite niche items?

------------- Stalking Pustule MUST STAY ALIVE ----------------------

Secondly, where the hell is Nuro's Harp in these patch notes? You missed it during bow league, and now during a literal league about fixing 100 odd unique items it's not on the list? Dude what the hell???

The Chalice of Horrors Unique Shield now has +20% chance to Block Attack Damage from Cursed Enemies, and Inflict Decay on Enemies you Curse with Hex or Mark Skills, dealing 700 Chaos Damage per Second for 8 Seconds.

This is extremely cool, but we can't really support static damage numbers with gems. Couldn't you have made this as skill, similar to what you did with Summon Phantasm on Soulwrest?

The Wraithlord Unique Helmet no longer has Minions Regenerate 1% of Life per second, or +1000 to Spectre maximum Life. Instead, it now has "Cannot have non-Spectre Minions", and +2 to maximum number of Spectres.

Ur joking right? You murder spectre life in this patch and again from the helmet and want people to do spectre exclusive builds? You didn't even buff Soul's Wick.

The Sunblast Unique Belt no longer has 30-40% increased Trap Damage, or 20% increased Mana Regeneration Rate. Instead, it now has "Skills which Throw Traps throw up to 3 additional Traps", "Throw Traps randomly around targeted location", and "Traps cannot be triggered by Enemies". It also now has 50% reduced Trap Duration (previously 80%).

I love this buff but hate that you murdered every other source of reduced duration to even consider using this. It basically turns any trap into storm call, minus the duration modifications, and gives it a free spell cascade + 1 trigger positions but random. Storm call has a modifiable duration for a reason. Could be great, could be crap tbh.

The Mark of the Red Covenant Unique Helmet no longer has Minions have 25-45% increased Movement Speed. It now has Summoned Raging Spirits deal 175-250% increased Damage (previously 130-150%).

Did you account for the whole being able to roll minion mods on more items now? I'd like this to be a great helmet, buuuuut we shall see???
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Noone really is going to mention removing of Burial Chambers and Tower?

Prepare your MF they say lmao, thus and divine orb recipe removal, beyond rework thay seem to lower monster density by a LOT, lowering rares density as if they were any treat (they weren't honestly, just uncomfy with spamming freaking on death trash) actually disgusting tbh.

Personally was planning to start KB/Bow into MF, but now makes me think hard if it will be even profitable to juice maps lol
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I think they overestimated the amount of 6L that drops for casual players. Yes the 0.01% of players can ultra juice maps and get like 30 6L delirium madness, but for a casual player, i've dropped more exalts than 6L in my life. So now dropping a corrupted 6L will feel soooo underwhelming, no way am i selling it for 20 fusings... It's just so unrewarding.

Let me put it this way, a 6 link, for 80 jewellers... You need 350 to craft 6 SOCKETS. That means you need to drop FIVE 6-links to make ONE 6 socket.

Just let it sink in... It's nonsense
Nice !
Bad Seed
The Wraithlord Unique Helmet idea is genius! Finally pure Spectre build.
Looks amazing, especially the uniques, nice job.

And thanks for going back to further nerf seismic trap to mix-up the meta.

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