Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

why divines for meta crafting, imo is a bad change, you are nerfing crafting for regular player
A shame there are no buffs/reworks for the unique two-handed weapons like Atziri's Disfavour, Starforge, etc.
Otherwise great stuff, very hyped for the league!
ctrl + f - fsr

"Lures and Infused Engineer's Orbs can no longer be obtained." Will be existing ones in standard deleted? Should i run them while i still can?

Could not see any info about harvest gem crafts. Will Facetor's Lenses still be ingame? Existing ones?
Divine/metacraft changes = "how to kill SSF in one easy step"
So I'm no expert and probably in the comment minority but these changes sound pretty awesome to me.

The new league mechanic sounds really interesting and I'm more excited for that than Sentinel by a long way on announcement night, though Sentinel was much more fun than I thought it would be when announced. (I thought that was Kalandra. Boat league when.)

Minions look like they're in a much better place than I first thought, not that I'm playing minions this league start, but I've played several minion builds and it sounds like it'll be more fun to try the next one given new gearing.

Harvest and Beyond changes look frankly awesome. Harvest sounds like it might be both fun and useful now rather than mandatory drudgery. (I noticed GGG were careful not to say which crafts have been removed, but I can guess and therefore doubt I've ever seen the removed ones in the wild anyway.) I might actually spec into Beyond for the first time rather than rerolling maps out of it due to rippiness. Krangled mobs stepping in to replace the red cowboys is just cool.

Archnemesis changes...aren't as sweeping as I hoped, since it's not gone, and for a minute in the annoucement I really thought you might have reverted it and brought back the Archnemesis league mechanic instead, but the rare reductions sound like they're going in exactly the direction I was hoping for last league. It sounds like the toughest mods are now for positions 3-4 exclusively and the resulting loot sounds good, could be fun to fight. Magic mobs look to have been suitably further nerfed. Really hoping that the rare nerfs will avoid 3ish rares onscreen being as common (i.e. every screen) with minimal juice in red maps, as that still feels like way too many. Also hoping magic mobs will be less "bumpy", i.e. die more easily before maxing gear, or be equally rarer, but I think that may be wishful thinking, we'll see. Hopefully more league content will now be pleasantly managable early on so I can unblock it.

Unique changes haven't killed off anything I was keen on, buffs look really interesting and I think the drop rate nerf will be very welcome when levelling just for interest value. It'll be nice to actually pay attention to unique drops again.

Memories sound like a fun thing to do to relieve the T16 grind, really looking forward to that.

Divine vs Exalt changes I've no idea, I'd be very concerned if I planned on any Timeless Jewel builds using specific-ish results, as that's going to be a nightmare, but the last one of those I played was 90% as good without the Timeless Jewel anyway. 20 Fusings really doesn't seem like a great vendor trade value for 6 links, given Tainted Fusings exist again, and the Divine Vessel vendor recipe could use a quick patch, I actually needed that last league due to bad drop luck but 1 Ex equivalent is a little steep.

Supporter packs looking very cool, especially Knight. Hoping the easier end of Challenges (first half) are on the semi-doable side without a bazillion respecs / 10k hours invested / killing bosses standing on one leg whistling the Star Spangled Banner.

Overall really looking forward to next week, hoping for a smooth launch, thanks for all the hard work GGG.
I don't know what I was expecting but it's really disappointing to see y'all are going through with the pathfinder nerf. The change to Master Alchemist just isn't strong enough to justify nerfing Nature's Boon, and hurts the ascendancy's overall options just to give non-chaos builds a node that's basically just a fancy 6mod abyss jewel

I'd like to have more diverse options for PF but this ain't it, if I had to choose between this and nothing I literally would rather have nothing

[edit] Also like, unrelated but wouldn't it make more sense to give an exalt for a 6L? 20fuses aren't remotely comparable in rarity to a 6L, even after you factor in tainted fuses making it easier to get them. It'd certainly make people more likely to actually use their exalts like y'all want them to, and would help SSF out as well
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I was toying with the idea of a Flicker strike build, but hell no am I trying to roll a Shako now.

Divine Orb's have always been as rare as Exalts as drops, and it's a standing joke in my guild, my guild mates get exalts to drop, I got Div Orbs and they all used to LOL hard at me moaning about it being a wasted Exalt drop chance, guess I'm getting some love.
Still think the passive tree could be simplified into branches of where you want to go rather than only having 1 viable path.

As in, keystones unlock at certain levels and stat requirements.

Passive Masteries are granted rather than invested in.

Have the vision in head but have other things to do.
I understand what they were trying to do....

But this only means that for us on console. Exalts will be 120 chaos as usual

And now divines will be 240 chaos.

The unique changes look interesting though.

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