Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

traps are finally dead
what would penguins do?
[quote="Gereggy"]I got stuck in a wall, and it was glorious. :D[/quote]
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies.[/quote]
Heavy strike needs love.

Not get any GF gem since... ... ...
no perandus league changes deeply disappointed
it looks like my unascended marauder protest continues
Perandus enjoyer
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Sad to see Izaro's Turmoil go, I liked it cause it looks like a chocolate bar
No way i'm unlocking new Atlas for THIS... You have to offer me QUALITY content, to force me to waste my time on this game again.
Looks amazing!
So a question for the headhunter... some people are saying its nerfed again BUT I question if this is really a sort of Magic find buff...

If the mod that upgrades item drop tier's remains in effect for 60 seconds and you kill plenty of mobs all the Rare's would become Unique & this would / could be insanely powerful if the item works this way... the same type of abuse could exist for dropping maps etc...

Not sure if GGG thought this rare rework through vs. how this belt could possibly abuse it and I know they cannot develop a game around a belt (as much as a few people seem to think is the case) but I can't help to think this might have been an oversight.



Quality assurance

#devcheck @devcheck
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My HeadHunter...

Don't make me use a Mageblood I dislike it.
Come on GGG the maps are really bad. Why remove almost every map people farm and add in maps no one wants to run ever. Just remove all the ones your adding back from the game and make some that don't suck please.
20 fusings for a 6 link.

you saying us that the drop rarity (measured in drops/hour) of a 6-linked stuff will become the same than 20 fuses?

6-l is worth 1 divine because its extremely rare to get a 6-l. And its fair. And no one has trouble with it.

You get a 6-l with crap base you cannot use (I think I got 2-3 from natural drop since I play, besides some tabula rasas), well you think at least I will get a pretty shinny from the vendor.

Now you will get crap you can buy otherwise TRADING JUNK.

¿Regals will not recieve any love in the crafting sense? The natural tier progression of crafing orbs is regal, so it would be from recipes.

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