3.14.1 Patch Notes Preview

s191417nq wrote:
Thanks for not fixing Harvest

It was broken op and now it's fixed.
I would like to suggest placing Heist's trunks in places like Azurite Mine in Rogue Harbor or in the cities, perhaps if possible even adding the heist trunks to the conventional trunks would be fantastic. Thanks GGG
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Really hope this patch also resolves the issue with missing Beastcrafts
When I was reading the 3.14 patch notes, I was excited, but I usually get excited before any league. The changes all sounded pretty exciting for the most part, but even on reading it I was apprehensive.

I agree that Harvest was much, much too strong in its previous state, and I was entirely surprised that it made back into the game at all. So when I read that a lot of the overpowered crafts (targeted annulment) were being removed, I was happy. Then I read about how only some of the crops would offer crafts, as low as 50% I think? At that moment I knew already that this was too much of a swing in the opposite direction. I had expected Harvest to be bad, and it is bad. The increased spawn rate isn't honestly felt all too much, and when the result is seeing crafting tables with 4/5 crafts on them, all of which are nothing that interests me personally, it's disheartening.

The league itself looked interesting, though I don't think I was excited for it. I'm glad I didn't get too hyped, it's quite simply a worsened version of Ritual, and I wasn't a huge fan of Ritual myself. It was alright, sure, but nothing special. At the very least there was always something at the end to spend your points on, usually small pieces of currency or the ritual-specific 'splinter.' Ultimatum shows you a single reward that is often not very good (because it's the first of many) and expects you to play the dangerous mechanic, make it to the next round, and repeat, in the off-chance of getting some grand reward at the end. The issue with that is that this is the exact cadence of the game in general: do content, hope for good rewards--except that in normal content, the rewards I'm likely to encounter are much more numerous than the single oddly-rolled rare wand you're offering me on round 3.

Lastly are the 'reward improvements' that had me hyped the most. Perhaps I shouldn't have gotten too excited, since I know the intention wasn't to entirely change the way any particular type of content feels, but I'm definitely disappointed in Alva. First and foremost, I can't get any of her missions for the life of me, despite playing in Glennach Cairns with both of her points spec'd. Secondly, the omnitect has proven to be even more disappointing than ever, even with fully upgraded empowerment rooms. The temple certainly feels more lively, and I welcome the change, but I was hoping for some actual good loot from doing the final boss, and I have seen nothing but belts, one flask, and the same old useless rares, not a single vial.

This league has been very disappointing as a whole, and these patch notes are not promising. 'We don't believe we need to make any changes to the league at this moment' is not a comforting statement. I believe this does not bode well for PoE2.
Please fix texture streaming fast. Why do I have to load textures of Sirus every time I reenter the arena? Why does it have to load midfight in the first place?

Why do the sockets in my gear unload their textures mid map? Why do icons for gear unload?
If these problems were fixed the game would be in a MUCH better state.
Would be cool to visit grove again instead of running past it.
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I hope it solves the problem of slow texture display, and the high probability that everyone will be disconnected when playing Ultimatum in PT.
Hey what about the problem with all mine builds that got introduced this league? mines are not detonating in sequence correctly and it has killed many builds? no fix?
Ehmmm.. Why "Textures Streaming" Still not rolled back, stop trying to fix what's born completely broken.

Before "Textures Streaming" introducted, all been fine. But what we have now? More then 10+ fixes to "super fast loading textures" and its still absolutely reduce performance instead of increase lol. M2 NVME superspeed SSD's load time with ur "super technology" 3-4-5x times higher(without texture streaming been same loading time with 7200rpm HDD)... How many ppls must report and spam on forum to force u roll back this crap and next time test by urselfsinstead of us ?
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When there's nothing left to nerf, nerf stone circles too :(

Old tiny stone circles were only hard because the whole "its all nerfs" thing. You gutted everyone everywhere and now you can't put difficult mechanics because streamers skip them.

I got excited when I saw stone circles because they presented a complex challenge for me that required strategery. Sounds like they're mostly just being removed, is they get much bigger they wont require any positional thought.

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