Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

assassin is fine, just focusing more on crit now.

WaifuJanna - ♥ The Ice-Queen: Vortex CI Witch ♥
Plz GGG I have noticed you removed it from the ascendency but not said you did on the rework page. plz tell me mirror and blink arrow gets cooldown reductions from somewhere. the amazing powers of summoning my angels must not be removed
Changes are fantastic, so much unnecessary clutter is gone and this should open up build variety a bunch.
Lol they're destroying their game, and trying to tell us all how wonderful the process is.
Caulder10 wrote:
speed, damage or defence are literally all that matters in poe.

aside for damage I don't think they'll put defence or mouvement speed in the skill gems rework
"removing many of these filler stats that didn't actually impact builds in a meaningful way" - Joke.

did not specifically set out to buff or nerf the overall power of most Ascendancy Classes in Echoes of the Atlas. We changed them in a way that we feel is a lot better, and this happens through a series of small nerfs and buffs that should cancel out in terms of power level. - Being Dishonest.

Obviously the new changes are to nerf those recent leagues powerful builds.
Being honest wont kill u.

Change is good so is to pave a new way for other builds to come alive.
If we put pressure on them, they retreat in some points, we are the ones who keep the game.
TheBorsh wrote:
"added simplified, but MUCH MORE POWERFUL, options"
Thats some top tier bs. Where is the powerful options? You've nerfed almost every single class except for your "globaly reworked" classes from the trailer.

Movespeed deleted everywhere as well. Where to get it now? This is not a minor change. You don't get why players love your game? It's very fast paced and action packed. Why are you doing the reverse changes?
Many of us don't have time and really any joy walking and clicking doors. But it seems this is the way now.

to be fair there was way to much movement speed in the game.. people even where faster then Traps in labyrinth can react...

they should just make a movement speed cap like they capped max resi and so too. make a 200 movement-speed cap and game would be fair and fixed.
WaifuJanna - ♥ The Ice-Queen: Vortex CI Witch ♥
It’s good to nerf everything. It makes everybody feel better.

It doesn’t.
Well if this announcement isn’t pissing on us and calling it rain idk what is.

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