Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

"In Echoes of the Atlas, our intention was to streamline many of these passive nodes so that they were much simpler but more powerful. This meant removing many of these filler stats that didn't actually impact builds in a meaningful way. These new changes have stripped away a lot of the peripheral minor stats from Ascendancy Classes and have added simplified, but much more powerful, options."

Can I please see where are the "much more powerful" options at? because it seems more like plainly removing or nerfing in most cases...
the changes look fine to me, my only issue is removing the Hierophant's "place an additional totem" ability, which is a huge convenience nerf. that was the only thing that made totems bearable for me
Havo wrote:
mchlfitz wrote:
I can't believe how everyone's reacting so soon about the ascendency changes without even waiting to see what skills have been buffed. They might find a match to the changes.

*Laughs in Templar*

How is "we will make it up in the skill gems that everyone can use" a replacement for across the board nerfs to ascendancies?

If you want to make the statement that "we want to move the primary focus of the game from your ascendancy to the skill you use" then say that. But just buffing 40 bad skills is not doing that.

point on.

this is exactly what lot of people haev in mind to say, but anger is across the board. they should have released those mini patchnotes in one day not angering playerbase.
i saw dream, wilson slaped harvest bench +40.
This response looks a lot like blizzards one "you don't have phones?".
Screw you guys, who invested time and currency into your build, now you have a wonderful chance to "sink your teeth into new options, that's of course till we butcher them again."
Necromancer just got nerfed to the ground all across the board, ascendancy, aura cluster jewels, and carrion golem overall nerf.
"added simplified, but MUCH MORE POWERFUL, options"
Thats some top tier bs. Where is the powerful options? You've nerfed almost every single class except for your "globaly reworked" classes from the trailer.

Movespeed deleted everywhere as well. Where to get it now? This is not a minor change. You don't get why players love your game? It's very fast paced and action packed. Why are you doing the reverse changes?
Many of us don't have time and really any joy walking and clicking doors. But it seems this is the way now.
nice clarification.

but whats wrong with hierophant?hiero is never a top build choice and you remove "summon two totems instead".

wow you guys really hate totems.
Don't force yourself to play hyped builds.
Remove 34% movement speed from assasins without adding shit is fun? WTF really... give us atleast 10movement speed back to not feel this bad... or buff elusive :(
wE dId NoT sPeCiFicAlLy sEt OuT to bUfF or nErF tHe oWeRaLl pOwEr

Gladiator, assassin, champion, hiero all say hi
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over 40 skill gem buffs

oh lord more nerfs coming...

Remove 34% movement speed from assasins

that movement speed was just a "filler" no one used it at all /s
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Dad, what do slammers play now?

Another game. XD

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