Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

much more powerful, options :)))))))))))))))))

The saddest part is that after all time they dont know how to properly nerf but rather just break skills or build that you have played and spend countless hours to farm the stuff that end up utterly worthless and then proclaim it is better or they feel it is better...

Anyhow Mathil or other stearmers will come up with builds this season and they will become the most played, the Trade will be expensive as usual, spend countless hours to farm, and then same shit next season.

Rinse and repeat, bois.
I think its telling us " figure it out , you built an aurastacker , surely you can build something out of it"
each league changes the game
each league people whine about changes.(without full picture or even trying them)

enjoy the game, except the change and enjoy the change.

least now they got something more to whine about than doors in hiest and harvest lol

cant wait for new league. will be a lot of fun.

Why the need to sugarcoat it? It was a nerf fest, at least be sincere about it... "You will discover it was a buff"... No, we will adapt, it was still a nerf fest... Dont sugar coat it, it was cleary that most of those changes was to shift the meta, withouth care for the current builds.
lampadina wrote:
This response looks a lot like blizzards one "you don't have phones?".
Screw you guys, who invested time and currency into your build, now you have a wonderful chance to "sink your teeth into new options, that's of course till we butcher them again."
Necromancer just got nerfed to the ground all across the board, ascendancy, aura cluster jewels, and carrion golem overall nerf.



Our builds are ours. You can't imagine what or why we choose our options. I extremely dislike the Tasalio change on Chieftain because of the 2% life regen loss. It may not seem like a nerf to you but it was big for me.

Each player has their own choices that your change effects. To me this post shows that you don't understand us.

I suggest that you give of the options for either the old ascendancies or the new ones to see what the customers like.
GGG says "simpler, but more powerful options"

And then you look at Necromancer.

Necromancer be like: Riiight...

Putting my feedback here for those curious.
PoE players: Our game has a wide diversity of builds.

Also PoE players: The [league mechanic] doesn't need to be nerfed, you just need to play a [current meta] build!

Betrayal was the best league we had since Legacy. The reward agency is something this game needs, and will be sorely missed.
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Though I see what the goal is, the fact that I had planned for an Assassin and a Trickster build for the upcoming league means the notes left a bitter taste in my mouth. It feels a little dumb that the attack poison assassin I planned to play, which would probably already be a bit clunky, lost so much power I assume due to people running poison spell builds. ES Evasion playstyle also seemed quite fun. It was unfortunate that the Trickster which is the only Ascendancy that is somewhat inclined to run ES with big evasion, as opposed to Acrobatics/Wind Dancer, got a noticeable hit in "evasiveness" before I got a chance to try.
I also think that incidental defensive perks such as damage reduction is not a bad thing to have in Ascendancies, considering the nature of the game. Would therefore like to see more of a trade-off for lost defensive (and speed in case of Shadow classes, he is the speed class) so that comparable defensive, offensive and speed options would remain available to the classes, while still making the individual nodes more Focused and less messy.
Still looking forward to the skill gems though, but I am a bit sad that the -not particulary strong most likely- builds that I planned to play took some hits.
Sweasy wrote:
Why did you nerf already not played classes though?
Please buff underplayed classes and nodes that are not used... And not nerf them for no reason. TY

This is the most important point we could make to GGG. They should look at and go down the line - if a class has 0.4% or 0.5% of people playing it, it should STRICTLY get buffed. A lot.

If it has 20%+ of all players playing it successfully, into the lvl 90's, then it should strictly receive nerfs. That's what "bringing overperforming classes in line" with other classes actually means. Nerfing Jugg/Raider/Serker/Inq should be strictly forbidden until their playercount percentages reach double-digits.

Otherwise, thanks for kicking me while I'm down, I guess?
From what I read it was a massive amount of nerfs, and a few buffs. Don't underestimate how useful and "feelgood" movement speed is, removing it from the Assassin was a terrible move. Also, poor old Heiro's have to get sore wrists now to spam totems twice as much, not really good thinking there ggg.

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