Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

SYLAR wrote:
lol yea tell that to assassin
Oh, this post is such a nice filter for community.

Regardless of what we see tomorrow about gems (I mean there is no way 40+ changed gems can be bad) - your current changes are just GREAT! Combined with new expansion and league - AWESOME!

I love what and most-important how you are doing changes. They will be healthy for game without any doubt.

Community got spoiled too much and you might find more negative feedback, but please believe that there is huge part of community that silently smiles and totally understands why these changes are so essential for PathOfExile.

Sometimes you need to remove limb to stop the spread of disease...

Community that understands

P.S. GGG you are one of the most professional and beloved game dev company..keep doing things GGG-way!!!
I'm hoping the gem buffs make up for the obvious nerfs of most of the trees. We'll see tomorrow----probably would have beneficial to release both at once to avoid the 60 pages of grumbling.
You really don't need to make posts like this.

You dropped a bunch of nerfs, own up to it! There's nothing wrong with breaking up the meta.

But posting an argumentative position statement as a "clarification" when the original post is crystal clear, can only be read as intentionally condescending and demeaning.

You should have left Gladiator untouched.
You can't just remove 34% movement speed from Assassin (all of it), without giving any upside.

Give us a way to refresh Elusive or something, or restore Deadly Infusion to its previous value, 2% crit.

Seriously, what are you people smoking ?
kiljoy wrote:
each league changes the game
each league people whine about changes.(without full picture or even trying them)

enjoy the game, except the change and enjoy the change.

least now they got something more to whine about than doors in hiest and harvest lol

cant wait for new league. will be a lot of fun.

Some people like playing a new build every month. Some people get attached to the builds they love playing. You can't fault either play style.

GGG's idea of meta shifting every league is always going to upset some people and make others happy.
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ShomegaLUL. RIP Bash Inquisitor and DoubleDipMIN
Can anyone explain to me how necro isn't just a flat nerf? She got nothing in return...

"we did not set out to specifically buff or nerf the overall power" like what??
Lol framing the narrative of deep nerfs as filler stats is pretty bold stunning and brave PR. If the buffs to the 40 skill gems aren't just simple mana cost adjustments then there might be something to look forward to this league after seeing its patch notes tomorrow.
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