Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

lampadina wrote:
Hastur8 wrote:
Looking forward to the league!!! Please don't nerf Necros anymore. :( :(

This is not a nerf, it a straightforward class murder

Ok well they need to do less murdering then. I am going to play a skelly necro which I think was murdered a little less (?).
M A R K E T I N G B I A S ...
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They literally state their intent was simplify and build on the unique identity of the nodes. If that meant having to delete generic speed and dmg than so be it. As far as I am concerned I get more hyped for nerfs than buffs most of the time because it makes me think about what I am going to try next league. I look forward to patch notes and the buffed gems c:
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Nerf all classes = bad strategy...

Many angry players = low money from microtransaction...

Kills most played builds = many players stop play...


PS: I buy first time new supporter pack when not posted patch notes, OK my misstake, I remember GGG and many many players too...

PPS: I have about 7000 hours in PoE, and this situation is most sh***t all time playable
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i dont like this changes i will not buy supporter pack this time.
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Nerfs are good. They make us better players. Without nerfs, the game will become very easy to defeat.
its so hilarious to see the people crying about assassin not being able to be the strongest, fastest, safest build ever

i like the guy who said popcorn time hahahaha
98% of all changes are good.

But you can't just remove 34% movement speed altogether from an ascendancy straight up, in addition to its additional nerfs. You gutted Assassin, at least restore some movement speed.

Nerf the poison, sure.
Nerf the defenses, sure.
Nerf the crit (3.12), sure.
Nerf attack and cast speed, sure.
Remove ALL movement speed, no way.

Who in their right mind thought of that change ?
No more money from me that's for sure ! unless partially reverted.
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Wow... people really like being overpowered and don't want to give even an inch of it "back".

For instance, I've been hearing "Necro is dead now" since 3.9 and somehow they still get played a lot.

That's why I don't take most nerf complaints seriously.

Should I believe it, this time?

PoE players are so addicted to power that they forget to play the game.
GrimExcuse wrote:
Then we agree? Whats your point because im finding this section funny that people are whining over minor nerfs. The Harvest will fix most of the damage nerfs anyways.

Do you have a chance of what? 5% to get harvest monster in your map? I seriously doubt you will ever collect enough monster juice to get a significant fixing.

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