Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

Rather have you guys jack up the mobs instead of nerfing our toys.
You know, as a long time supporter, i've got used to nerfs, yes some of them are totally unjustified, some are fair, they are not what bothers me. What really bothers me when developers are lying to me straight in the face. Saying white is black, black is white, while im not stupid and i clearly see the substance behind all these words.

You've NERFED most ascendancies. So grab you balls and say it on the stream beforehand: "we are going to nerf most ascendancies in the upcoming patch". Its not rework, its nerfing, so call them accordingly.

This whole "clarifying" post is dishonest and is a joke. You still think playerbase is stupid and cant see that black is black, not white, but you still doubling down try to explain that black is white. The game is fairly complex and players playing it are smart, otherwise they would play Fortnite.

So, ON TOP of bad balancing you are dishonest and falsely advertised your new expansion because you havent said you gonna nerf ascendancies, only "adjust" which is not the case.
I think what bothers me the most is the fact that these nerfs are happening now. Content in PoE has been getting more and more difficult each league and with the new "Boss Rush" endgame, having a strong build seems to be more important than ever. It was difficult to imagine successfully fighting 10 bosses at once before the changes, now it seems even more unlikely.

New content and changes to existing content can be difficult to get right (Fully Blighted maps, Delirium performance issues, Buggy Sirus fights, Heists, etc.), but could be ignored or avoided until they were fixed. Changes to the classes we play can't be ignored or avoided. That is why I feel that these changes should have happened on a per Ascendancy or per Class basis over multiple leagues, not all at once.

That being said, I still have faith in GGG and believe that they will get it right in the end. This was just a few BIG bombs to drop on us at once.
GGG I really don't like how you handle things, if you make changes then don't start blowing smoke into our eyes.
Could Bex explain how does defenses become meaningless over time at what point when you RIP? Useless stat is accuracy on a self casting spell build.
Introducing an expansion that will make us face off against multiple bosses or a league that will test us in both in clearing and surviving the encounters and putting out a statement like that???
The thing is not the changes made me mad, I watched the post with ascendancy rebalance and was like "OK your game you do what you want with it" and then I open the next post and its just f*** me.
Stop bending the reality we just saw the changes and you have teased the new content this statement you have released is a pile of shit and the cherry on top of it that is the promise of upcoming 40 skill gem rebalance.
News flash GGG changing numerical values on outdated mechanically lesser skills don't do a thing, most of the stuff you are about to do will make no difference.

Tough chair to sit at Bex, seems like guys developing the game are not really in sync with their player base and you have to keep taking one for the team, and I'm not ok with make believe...
GGG: "We want to revive unpopular gems"
A few days later...
GGG: "Hey, Animate Weapon (0.1% pop) losers! Take some more nerfs for minion damage!"

def liking some changes. after doing stat checks there are def nice buffs in some nodes making them very good. think people just loved the bundle of stats a bunch. rather make more builds viable n less 1 shot builds.
I don't usually write in the forums ( last time was when the Shaper and Elder bases were introduced ), but I am regarding myself as a veteran player and wanted to give my 2 cents.

I don't understand the outrage with nerfing Aura Stackers and Necros. When you look at the numbers you can kill all bosses with like 2 - 3 mil DPS and you don't even have to put that much currency into it. It will not one-shot Shaper or Elder but you can definitely do it.

The top melee with almost mirror gear reaches like 20 mil DPS so let's say that is what GGG wants the top end to be. With 20 mil you can steamroll almost everything in like 2 seconds.

My view on the things and when I see the changes and balance manifesto is that everything over 20 mil DPS is not really intended. You have 300 mil DPS? Yeah definitely not intended. And you know why you ramp up to 300 mil? Cause the game has two progression curves linear and exponential. The exponential one is definitely not intended I would say. And what are examples of that scaling? Yeah you guessed it Aura Stacker and Necro abusing also Auras etc.

It is really difficult to balance all of the game I will give them that. Cause Fireball ignite for example ( my starter in Heist ) felt amazing till it didn't. Cause the HP of endgame bosses scale so high that the Ignite from fireball can't really do much damage even at the top end and you are not even able to reach 20 mil DPS. But if you could than you would just press one button and every boss would be dead so that wouldn't be intended as well, that is why Fireball doesn't scale that well endgame.

And one more thing. This game from the design standpoint is clearly not intended to build characters that you can improve endlessly. If DAN can beat Awakener 8 with 5-Link ED in 30 Hours then a normal person should be able to reach that content in like 60 - 70 Hours. With playing 2 hours a day you are at like 1 - 1,5 Months where you reach endgame and that is also ok. Assuming someone wants to kill like UE or Aul etc. then yeah 3 Months which is a full League cycle.

The core gameplay loop is clearly what Mathil does, build a char, take it to 90-95, steamroll content, rinse - repeat... And to be fair the most enjoyment I had was building the Doryani's Prototype Mjolner, cause the gear was so hard to get.

At the end of the day just play what is enjoyable for you and have fun. It's not a Job, at least not if you aren't a streamer.

WaifuJanna wrote:
assassin is fine, just focusing more on crit now.

[Removed by Support]
Now seriously tho you are absolutely delusional if you think assassin got a "CRIT BUFF"
Opportunistic is useless now, most boss fights in maps or single instance bosses such as elder and shaper are not gonna activate the damage reduction...BECAUSE ITS A SINGLE FUCKING UNIQUE/RARE ENEMY(aside from elder portals, but that phase is basically wanking session)
Toxic Delivery "crit buff" is basically needing 4 poisons instead of 5 to reach the 2% crit cap which is a joke since poison build usually stack a lot of poison in no time, lose 20% extra chaos and there is NO fucking way it is a net "buff", also lose 10% reduce dmg taken which is HUUUUGEEEEE
power charge duration is not a buff, nobody gives a flying fuck about it.
Mistwalker "same as before" [Removed by Support], how is -15% att/cast speed, -8% reduced dmg taken "SAME AS BEFORE" while we get...100% chance of elusive on crit... sooo i ll have my elusive 0.1 sec faster on average? wtf
But by far the most amusing one deadly infusion "DOesn't matter, u shouldn't play class for movement only" THEN FOR WHAT THE FUCK DO WE PLAY ASSASSIN, lmfao apparently we play assassin tank bois, they got 20% dmg reduction while 2 uniques are nearby so get your twinned maps and uber elders ready to rumble!
[Removed by Support]
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Yukiomi wrote:
GGG: "We want to revive unpopular gems"
A few days later...
GGG: "Hey, Animate Weapon (0.1% pop) losers! Take some more nerfs for minion damage!"


This comment has a shelf life of less than a day. Gem buffs announced tomorrow.
The changes on the ascendancies felt like they're more take than give.

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