Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

Xervite wrote:
Rather have you guys jack up the mobs instead of nerfing our toys.

they did both actually
I won't be surprised if I see more nerfs for skill gems tomorrow. I regret paying my hard earned money just for seeing my fun deleted just like that. I should buy other games instead. A single wing mtx in poe is as expensive as an AAA game in steam.
To grind or not to grind, that's the question.
I must say that I'm disappointed with Ascendancy reworks. Sure, Ascendancy trees were streamlined. On the other hand, lots of the streamlining removed positive stats that counted toward overall power level of a character. I'm not sure all the buffing and nerfing/removal balance out.

There is definitely going to be a meta shift, which is good as long as it is not just one-time effect and the game will settle on a different meta. I hope a lot more builds will be elevated to higher plateau rather than just destroying current meta and reinstating new one.

Quite a few Ascendancies I play frequently has been either unchanged or slightly nerfed. Not great...
I don't know what to think about those huge nerfs, on the other hand we get harvest back + 40 gems buffs. If they're not the ascendencies' buffs style and not only "glacial hammer has +6% damage", it might compensate a bit.
See guys. Do not worry. They will tell us what we are allowed to play tomorrow when patch notes come out. I cannot wait to see what I am playing and what new mtx's to expect for said skills. Woop!
Add to this the concept of loss aversion where people feel losses much more strongly than gains, and we can totally see why some players' first reactions to the changes are negative.

Nobody change manages at you when the change is actually good for you.
Al the nerfing ended in no single meta and all possible builds viable to play with no garbage builds, so I can play Doryani Fist with Raider and still kill Uber elder :D
I still have faith in GGG.

They just should have honestly informed us during the anouncement : "We are going to nerf". We know it is necessary, this is the essence of this game (theorycrafting) and everything could have been ok with the present smart playerbase.

We will find a path
Let's hope they add the removed stuff from ascendancies to notables on the skill tree, like the removed poison from assassin to poison notables, or even new notables
Not quite sure if I'm am happy with the changes. Some underused ascendancies got nerfed,but whatever. IMHO nerfing the meta a little, was a solid choice, to "push" us to make more build variety, but idk why nerfing everything when you said that this won't be the case. Maybe the skill gems bring us back some more power, will see with that. Still, good work, let's hope Ritual won't be too much of a beta test. Let's go gamers.

But most importantly; everything is forgiven if you #REVERTSUNDER

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