Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

I'm done with this game...Not because of the nerfs, but because GGG says it's not nerfs. They say they removed filler stats giving us more powerful options, where in fact they removed all the stats that matter giving us not impactful crap. Nerfing classes that nobody plays just for shaking the meta. So dumb
heyhoihallo wrote:
So first you feed us a juicy steak, and then tell us that potatoes are just as tasty and healty.

just lolling.

fanboys and teens would disagree :)
Frankly i don`t care too much about damage nerfs, although it is painful to see it on something i play with but if its necessary, it`s fine.

BUT --- What do you people have against fun stuff like movement speed.....
You removed that from everywhere practically.
Lul. Lose most of move speed bonuses in ascendancies, damage reduction here and there. Yeah, just tell me how it's not a loss, in defense especially. Builds in this game most of the time broken and immortal or die in two hits. Nice design btw.
Whole Nekro ascendancy: got ONLY nerfs from this changes
GGG : "we changed only useless for build things, no nerfs, now you are more powerful"
Yeah, less minion dmg = more powerful. Ehm, what?
and etc. You did just alot of nerfs. Like, literal nerfs. Stop acting.
I think totems are dead now. Necro too. GG!
Remember harvest dps
RIP ED/cont trickster, 50% dmg nerf on a skill that takes 5minutes to kill Sirus8, while there are ones that simply 1shot phases, mmmm.
-30% ms on assassin replaced by absolutely nothing clearly isn't a nerf /s

And I won't even talk about the poor people who planned to play a poison assassin, RIP
When I started my journey as dungeon master in d&d years ago, every player option seemed too powerful to me, I applied then targeted nerfs or bans to limit their power, eventually with experience, I realized that they weren't the ones being too powerful, it was me who couldn't balance the game and the challenges were too simple.

The GGG does the same, it has 5 players at the table, one is a powerplayer, the others are normal players. The master is scared of the power of the single power player so he makes the game more difficult by destroying builds in each league and forcing the other four players to leave the table or to adapt by ruining their game.

The GGG is a bad dungeon master.

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