Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

AvenjQ wrote:
Still don't understand why "Undeniable" on Juggernaut was nerfed. It was untouched when you reduced max accuracy so that was an indirect nerf. Now you reduce the amount of accuracy it gives too and almost remove the interesting option of going crit with the class. While giving him nothing in return... talk about hurr durr "no nerfs without buffs here"

For the 1% that is playing Jugg,
invest in 2000 strength to gain 15% increased attack speed.
Jugg is "undeniably" more powerful now LOL.

str | AS_3.13 | AS_3.12
100 | 4.67 | 5.50
200 | 6.00 | 6.00
300 | 7.33 | 6.50
400 | 8.67 | 7.00
500 | 10.00 | 7.50
600 | 11.33 | 8.00
700 | 12.67 | 8.50
800 | 14.00 | 9.00
900 | 15.33 | 9.50
1000 | 16.67 | 10.00
1100 | 18.00 | 10.50
1200 | 19.33 | 11.00
1300 | 20.67 | 11.50
1400 | 22.00 | 12.00
1500 | 23.33 | 12.50
1600 | 24.67 | 13.00
1700 | 26.00 | 13.50
1800 | 27.33 | 14.00
1900 | 28.67 | 14.50
2000 | 30.00 | 15.00
Pay no heed to those crybabies, it's a thousand times better to nerf powerful builds, classes, ascendancies than to give in to their absurd demands and raise all monster levels, stats, hitpoints so that they don't delete 3 consecutive screens of monsters with a single click.
Warvald wrote:
It will literally change nothing.

Same streamer will make same type of guide
Same people will watch it and copy it

The only different thing is they will be worst.

You can't change that. But you can change the way you play. When I started playing PoE i followed guide on youtube, then the guide maker told to find build on and follow it. I played 2 leagues like that and it was boring and i finished burned out after 2 weeks. Then I played another league without guide, making my own builds and even dough they were weak and thrash I was damn fun to play and achieve another goals.
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So basically what you are saying is the number of guide wont change.
The number of people copying them wont change
The reason why they do it wont change

Yea seem worth the time nerfing all.
you guys dont get it?

this is how they make money, they force you to play the new overpowered classes, come up with bunch of celestial mtx to sell and then nerf it to the ground next patch!

buff cyclone = celestial cyclone - then nerf it
buff necro = celestial minions + vd - then nerf it

this is not ggg anymore, this is tencent chinese pay-to-win way to do business!

this is no meta shake up, this is business!

hear me out, next patch elementalist and inquisitor will be nerfed to oblivion!

Which is why I'll probably go back on grim dawn.

From what I see they don't do that.
All u are doing is helping the 1% and hurting everyone else ascendancies were the best way to start getting damage and defense as a newer players
Explain Assasin then. Especially the poison nodes. Assasin is definitely a nerf.
In Echoes of the Atlas, our intention was to streamline many of these passive nodes so that they were much simpler but more powerful. This meant removing many of these filler stats that didn't actually impact builds in a meaningful way. These new changes have stripped away a lot of the peripheral minor stats from Ascendancy Classes and have added simplified, but much more powerful, options.

In most cases the MINUS part can hardly be outweighted by minor PLUS (i.e. changing 25% to 100% buff trigger is pretty much zero impact in tree area where virtaully all builds generate several hits per second).
I could find meaningful buffs in very few points, most are just minor tweaks up in one line with major removal of remaining lines.
You really could do better
haniii11 wrote:
No matter what you write, you GUTTED assasin, completely

reading the saboteur changes i feel like you, or my english is so bad that i dont get it. WTF the blind mechanic sucks ass... idc about this shit ,u could have removed it completly monster hit nevertheless. i would like to play the build I choose, and if i want to play this one build 5 fuckin leagues u should accept it and dont nerf every fuckin 3 months the shit out of workin builds again and again.

takin dmg away nefing stacker clusters gg rip my build i want a refund now.
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