Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

We are really confident that once the community at large sinks their teeth into these new options, there will be a tonne of powerful new builds available to discover. This should be further emphasised tomorrow when we reveal the full patch notes for 3.13 which includes over 40 skill gem buffs and other balance changes.

I was looking forward to playing my second summoner ever this upcoming league, playing since PoE beta.

Right now with spectres losing 4 levels and necromancer nerfs across the board, either the rest of minion gems are going to have to be buffed, or cool new minions are introduced for that quote to be applicable lol.

Level 72 spectres at gem level 20 sounds horrible. You reach gem level 20 at about character level 85-90 at the earliest, unless traded for. Having spectres 20 levels below you is.. not good. Haha.

I'd prefer other classes got buffed instead of just hard-nerfing everything league after league. Even if it means increasing monster life again.
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I was planning to play poison assasin but now I am not going to play anything.
u call that balance fixes?
thanks for the power charge duration its really much needed.
please do not balance anything again for the sake of "your" game..
kanzaki01 wrote:
To all Necromancers :

Stop whining, minions have been, and are, still OP. Jesus, even with some nerfs.

Lame way of playing the game, it's way too easy and rewarding for the playstyle.

Not "some" nerfs. All the nerfs. The only buff added it's 40% increased Skill Effect Duration from 30% increased Skill Effect Duration.
The changes don't really affect what I'm doing so I don't really care but this part
We did not specifically set out to buff or nerf the overall power of most Ascendancy Classes in Echoes of the Atlas. We changed them in a way that we feel is a lot better, and this happens through a series of small nerfs and buffs that should cancel out in terms of power level.

One of the tricky parts of game balance is that when you remove familiar past options, and replace them with powerful new options, until you become familiar with the new options it's going to feel like a loss. Add to this the concept of loss aversion where people feel losses much more strongly than gains, and we can totally see why some players' first reactions to the changes are negative.

is a complete lie. Like did you looks at stuff? There were a lot of changes across classes that were straight removal or nerfs with nothing added to make up for the loss of damage or speed. It's fine you want to make stuff look more stream lined or basic in text but don't lie that you somehow gave a lot of these something else to make up for the cutting out of damage or speed.
Thanks for the post Bex. As far as I am concerned I have never been more impressed with GGG and I anticipate 3.13 to be the best league ever. People always complain every league about nerfs. I try my best to look at things from a macro standpoint rather than just my own little personal space. Do I like the Champion Impale nerf? No. Do I think it is reasonable? Yes.

I played Replica Alberon poison wander in Flashback because pretty much everyone knew it was going to get nerfed. I played it, it was awesome, it was "busted" as Mathil put it and it is gone. You snooze you lose - I have figured that out in POE. Don't fight the it while you can.
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Lakh wrote:
I wonder if they're not going to over-buff the top end while leaving the entry/midgame level noticeably worse off.

GGG was always making sure to kill cheap builds that destroy end content. How else you get players to play longer for chase items? Not to mention ggg is fine with most players never getting to red maps/end content.

i mean if they want to minimize ppl beind mad OR dum they just have to realease everything at the same time all we know now is some nerf hard on some build but we dont have any thing on the new tree or the buff on the skill...I am saying that right now everything we KNOW it useless
If CA wont be between those 40 skills that will get "buffed" i am out this league

Master of Metal
Impales you inflict last 1 additional Hit

20% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks
Impales you inflict last 2 additional Hits

- u re right this is more simple and more powerful, or feels so . or not ? jazaaaaaz
Estreiher wrote:

For those who say, Juggernaut or Slayer got nerfed, I must say, you're kinda wrong. They got buffed.
Having the perma leech on Slayer on a 2 points it's pretty good.
Undeniable from Jugg, got buffed, you get a lot more accuracy now in the end, and, as well as having more attack speed than before.

Well, I'm waiting until I see patchnotes but atm Slayer (my favorite class) has lost 50% bonus damage while leeching. True, nodes were shifted so it's easier to get defensive layer now but in the end my damage dealing capabilities are going to be reduced. This change will prolly be good for people who weren't going fully into leech nodes, yet for me it's a bit of disappointment.

Yet, I'm waiting to see the rest of the changes.

Slayer does lose some extra attack damage, but gains a lot of attack speed. Attack speed scales extraordinarily well, so I'm tentatively (and lazily) figuring the damage output will be roughly the same either way. The changes to Brutal Favour and the general leech improvements of the minor nodes might resolve a lot of the issues of Slayer being annoyingly fragile. And, if I'm understanding the league mechanics, Slayer very well may be innately strong due to the improved cull, especially if we're having to kill 10 bosses per event. I'm actually really excited to finally get to try Slayer out instead of being forced into playing mega beef Juggernauts/Chieftains/Gladiators as melee! Now if Molten Strike receives love tomorrow, maybe I'll have to play another Juggernaut anyway, but that's a different topic. :D

Assuming cyclone doesn't get nerfed into the floor (let's be real: if you're a Slayer, you're playing cyclone), melee might actually be popular for the first time in ages, especially with "the game plays itself basically" minion builds being nerfed.

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