Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Toshis8 wrote:
haniii11 wrote:
LOL WTF happened to assasin? is this an aprils fools joke? assasin is supposed to be fast , and you just gutted all his speed. great job, my hype for the league ended

Dont you think that running around like a jet plane is a bit broken?

Ask that question to the raider players.
Why nerf Minion Damage on Guardian Ascendancy for suvivability while guardian have already a good survivability ?

30% damage on minion removed for just 5% of attack speed ? lol, good buff GGG !

I'm ok with you for nerf a little spectre/zombie or golem but don't forget there are other minion skill who REALLY need these 30%
twigster121 wrote:
Mangalcizade wrote:
I can understand the nerfs for powercreep builds and their ascendencies, but why did you nerf hammered raider like this? its one of the least played classes and i didnt expect any buffs but anyway, got the hammer nonetheless. They probably did this kinda nerf storm because on atlas ascendencies some nodes were giving additional damage increase to our character, but still.


Look how they massacred my girl...

I personaly like the thought of permanent onslaught in the way champion has fortify though =)

Nerf hammer is also a huge exaggeration, they gain way more consistent survivability at the cost of 30%~ increased attack damage, not exactly a huge loss.

ikr, how anyone can complain about a loss of 30% inc damage while getting perma onslaught with 50% increased effect is beyond me
Why remove movement speed for both Deadly Infusion, AND, Opportunistic ?

Why not just delete the Assassin ascendancy while you're at it ?
Sooooooooooooooooo Jug and scion was pretty broken i guess???? Just fkn imagine nerfing jug. 0.5% on ninja Is too much? Its need to be 0.01%?
What a liars. Most ascedancy just nerfed a bit. NOTHING chaged but rider wich looks broken as fk.
I really hope you make this changes using randomaizer, cose if you paid somone for that, you got scammed hard.
Verfall777 wrote:
What about buffing underperforming builds instead of nerfing fun ascendancies?

And I don´t talk about massively overpowered stuff like aura stacking

You guys somehow managed to even fuck over chieftain leveling as RF from when they get the skill. Now we get stuck waiting on uniques to recover that regen from waters.

I swear to god man... buff some shit. Is this Outward or a goddamn power fantasy loot explosion arpg?

I don't want to be a hobo gettin kicked in the teeth. Fucking game is hard enough as it is.
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I was going to play minion. RIP. my back up was Assasin. RIP. WTF
A setback is simply a setup for your next comeback.
RiP DoT Trickster.
RiP Assassin. poor guy got nerfed two times in a row D:
Can we just assume they are moving power from the Ascendancy nodes and then putting the power into the base tree nodes instead?

Chris said he wanted to streamline the Ascendancies to make them feel more focused, so people losing their minds about damage being removed seems a bit premature.
Now you just need to add 2 more flask slots. Those a super fun to spam every 5 seconds, right? Fun and balanced mechanic everyone loves.

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