Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

So .... interesting league .... time for Occult/Ele
So, went back through and re-read the Ascendencies again and, unless I'm very much mistaken, they have just flat out removed any movement speed increase from every ascendancy across the board EXCEPT Raider (Onslaught). Also,"% increased damage" slash on nearly every ascendancy.

To recap: [/insert Oprah meme here] EVERYONE GETS TO GO SLOWER AND DO LESS DAMAGE!

Really trying to be positive here so I have to believe these new "Reworked skills" are going to be amazingly thorough.

Perhaps I am being a bit optimistic, but one can hope right?
Slower the game = better performance :P
Can we talk about how ugly Gladiator Block nodes are spaced?

I can't imagine anyone thinking this looks good.

Especially the small nodes aren't centered at all.
No more sonic builds :'(
Why can't we just buff things that are underperforming instead of nerfing things that are performing well? Since when does bringing back power of ascendancies mean that you nerf the majority of them?

Instead they still nerfed underperforming ascendancies like jugg lol
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RIP Assassin -_- Guess it's time to look into BleedBow Gladiator or Occultist Creeping Frost as a starter...
Thank you very much for this awesome work!
Giving us all changes on ascendancies like you done is the better option you could made.

Thanks a lot for all your job!
I had 4 league starters in mind and all have been fuxing butchered. Poison bv assassin, spectre summoner, skeleton summoner, and for.some reason, you nerfed the ridiculously OP and meta (sarcasm) freezing pulse totem hierophant. Good fuxing game GGG.

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